System requirements

Jojo CMS will run on most good PHP web hosts. There are plenty of good web hosts at reasonable prices out there that can run Jojo, however cheaper or entry-level hosts sometimes struggle.

Let's look into that in detail.

The basics

  • Linux or Windows web host (Linux recommended)
  • PHP 5.2+ (Jojo 1.0a4 is the last release that supports PHP4)
  • MySQL 4.1+
  • Apache 2.x, Lighttpd, or IIS 6/7 with ISAPI Rewrite 3
  • 30Mb+ of disk space - A core install of 15Mb, however caching and logging does take a lot of space, so choose a host with enough room for your needs. Many content-rich sites take 50-100Mb plus.

PHP / Apache Extensions

  • PHP GD 2.x extension (comes with PHP, usually enabled)
  • Apache mod_rewrite (for nice looking URLs, required)
  • PHP mb_string extension (if your site includes non-English content)
  • PHP Register Globals OFF - Jojo may also work with register globals on, but we don't offer support for this. If your host has register globals on and can't change, you may be able to override this using .htaccess. Most PHP5 hosts should have register globals off by default.
  • Freetype is required for our CAPTCHAs to work. These are used by some of the plugins (contact and article plugins in particular)

Desirable hosting features

  • PHP running as an Apache module, not as a CGI (highly recommended)
  • Ability to set file permissions via SSH or FTP
  • Ability to keep files outside of the web-root folder (recommended for security, but not required)
  • Ability to add and edit your .htaccess file (required)
  • Sendmail / Postfix or similar outgoing mail server running on the web server, for the PHP mail() function to work
  • Some IP addresses are blocked by the Chinese government. Check this with your host if Chinese traffic is important to you.

If your host has all these features, then chances are Jojo CMS will work fine. Jojo also works well on XAMPP and WAMP for local development servers, with only minor changes to the default config (to enable the extensions listed above).

We use Webdrive for hosting our New Zealand websites, and Jojo runs very nicely on their systems.