Wait! What happened to v2 & 3?!

NEW RELEASE: The 4.1 release adds a couple of new features and a bunch of bug fixes for the previous release. Recommended for new installs, upgrades may need a bit of adjusting - more details... more

Added: 11 Sep 2014

New 1.4 release

Refreshed admin design - personally I think it's looking quite stylish! Bootstrap 3 front and back Searchable jstree option for admin and drag and drop ordering that actually works.. Fixes a bunch more bugs Recommended for new installs, upgrades may need a bit of... more

Added: 22 Apr 2014

Image Filters

Jojo as of 1.3.3 supports php imagefilter both on uploaded images and on request via url. On Upload Filters can be applied to any uploaded image by including filters in the options for that upload field (using Edit Fielddata) Add filters to the option, one per line, in the order they... more

Added: 7 Apr 2014

Jojo Cart updates (and more)

Jojo Cart (and the User-Based Checkout) has had a bit of an overhaul recently - mostly to bring it into line with Jojo 1.3 and to let Bootstrap do what it does best (IMO), which is make forms look nice with minimal effort. One consequence of this though (as for 1.3 generally) is that I've... more

Added: 2 Dec 2013

1.3.2 out now

1.3.2 should fix most if not all of the remaining issues from the admin -> Bootstrap change, as well as adding a few minor new functions like Google Universal Analytics support and more options for customising forms with multiple destinations. Recommended for everyone on 1.3.  more

Added: 2 Dec 2013

PayPal Bug!

The example code PayPal provided for their 'required by the 7th October' API change didn't actually work and produced a silent failure. The payment is processed fine, and you can probably dig the order info out of the paypal receipt, but Jojo itself doesn't record the transaction as... more

Added: 29 Oct 2013

1.3.1 / 1.2.5

Two releases! 1.2.5 has a lot of bug fixes as well as some tweaks to the Contact forms plugin. 1.3.1 is a bit more radical in that it drops a lot of plugin css and adds a lot of extra classing in order to make Jojo a good deal more Bootstrap-friendly. No more overriding built-in form... more

Added: 30 Apr 2013

Template snippets

Another 1.2 addition, snippets gives editors control over content that might otherwise be hidden away in templates, or needs to be used in multiple places but only edited once.  Usage is pretty simple, in Admin > Content > Snippets, create a new chunk of HTML using the editor, give... more

Added: 15 Mar 2013

Tableless column breaks

A new feature in v1.2, this pseudo-filter gives editors the ability to split their text into columns of varying number, and change from split column to full width and back again, all in the standard page body field and without having to resort to the nightmare that is wysiwyg tables. To use... more

Added: 15 Mar 2013

Jojo 1.2 is out!

 It's the mobile edition! Get it. Twitter Bootstrap now comes built-in to Jojo to make building responsive sites incredible easy, as well as a whole screed of other pre-built goodies. Full documentation at On top of that we also have a separate mobile... more

Added: 11 Mar 2013