A half day of Jojo workshops

Oct 9, 2007

We will be running a couple of Jojo presentations / workshops at the Auckland WDANZ conference next week, on Thursday, 18th October 2007.

The first will be a one hour presentation which serves as a basic introduction into Jojo and how it differs from other products in this crowded market. This presentation will be free, and we promise to lay off the sales pitch (in part because our product is free).

The second will be more hands-on. A 2 hour workshop with Harvey Kane (Jojo core developer) covering how plugins work, and how to integrate the functionality into Jojo. We will create a basic product database plugin from scratch, and explain how to have a working admin screen for your products up and running in minutes. Then moving on to cover how to customise the URLs for your plugin, how to add your pages to the sitemap and XML sitemap, how to keep your plugin distanced from core code, how to add pagination onto your plugin, and some of the other features of our plugin system.

This is a great opportunity to see what can be done with Jojo plugins, and learn how to customise Jojo to suit your website.

The 2 hour workshop will cost NZ$99, and is open to anyone interested. Please make your booking on the WDANZ website.

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Michael Brandon - New Zealand Arts and Craft Shops - Oct 11, 2007

I totally recommend Jojo, and also recommend that you attend the training. I have just finished tweaking the CraftyArts website linked above. It was built in Jojo, and was soooo much easier to SEO than when it was in a previous CMS package.

But it would have been a lot easier if I knew more about the package - even though I use Jojo for a number of sites, I kinda leave the programming to Harvey ;)

Michael Brandon - SEO Seminars - Oct 11, 2007

Might as well take the opportunity for some self promotion...

SearchMasters has some SEO training on the same day. So if you don't want to attend the Jojo training (unlikely), then you might want to learn "all there is to know" about Search Engine Optimisation (not quite all, but enough to blow your mind for the day).

The same Thursday 18 October 2007 - 4 sessions 8:45 - 6pm.

And Harvey will even be popping his head in once his seminar has finished.

More details on:

zooloo - Oct 17, 2007

cool CMS... i like what i read!

Eileen Taffard - Oct 18, 2007

Thanks Harvey.

As someone coming into this new as a developer, not a programmer, I enjoyed your WDANZ workshop and learned some stuff I can do. You explain it so clearly.

JOJO is a vast improvement on the CMS I have used up to now and I look forward to learning how to use all the cool new plugins.

Anyone who missed this from choice is crazy.

Dunken Francis - Nov 1, 2007

Are these workshops open to us mortals? Or trade/pros only?

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