I'm sorry for crashing the demo

Oct 30, 2007

We got this message turn up in the inbox today...
First Name: Im
Last Name: Sorry
Email: Oops@sosorry.com
Message: I crashed your demo. So sorry bout that. You might want to look into this.

In case your curious what I did:
I was poking around (thats what the dems's for right?) I got to the plugins page and clicked on one of the little red boxes. I don't remember exactly which one.

Here's the error it gets now: "Fatal error: Class 'JOJO_Plugin_Jojo_article' not found in /home/gardyneholt/jojo/demo/mysite/themes/jojocms_theme/global.php on line 4"

I hope this will not be difficult to patch.

Its disappointing, I was really liking the CMS until then.

Obviously the email address isn't real, so I couldn't reply. But I'd like to reply, so here is as good a place as any to do so.

I guess there are a few things to note

  • Thanks for letting us know. I have reset the demo, and fixed the problem so it won't happen again (though there are other ways to crash the demo).
  • Don't give up on us. We are open about being Alpha software, and are working our asses off in the background to make this a good product. If you don't feel it's ready, then why not subscribe to the RSS feed and keep an eye out for updates?
  • Don't be afraid of using a real name / email address. Any feedback is good feedback, and honest feedback like the above is the best of all. We like to thank our users for letting us know about such things.

Thanks again, hope to see you back in these parts someday.


Your Comments

Jonathan - Nov 2, 2007

HeHe, That was me. I poked my head back in to see if the demo had been put back up. I'm glad I did because I just realized that this is alpha software. It there a stable version that is not in alpha I can download and play with? If not I will have to keep looking because I'm on a tight time frame (Thats why I'm looking for a solution rather than building my own).

Honestly I was really disappointed when I crashed it. It was really looking heads and shoulders above some of the others I'd looked at (Joomla, PHPNuke).

I think I'll do as you suggest and subscribe to the feed and see how thes thing polishes off.

Chris Giddings - Dec 15, 2007


I don't think there is a version besides what's downloadable here.

Joomla and PHPNuke are all well and good, but they really SUCK for effective search optimization. JoJo really looks like it will excel in this area. I for one think it shows a great deal of promise and am willing to back that up by pledging time on testing and perhaps even some documentation work or something here after the holidays are over in the States.

I would recommend beating on the demo some more and let Harvey know what breaks so you and I and everyone else can benefit from the focus on apparent flaws.

It would be nice to have a live listing or actively 'acknowledged' or 'known' issues we could review so as to reduce the load of redundant reports though.

Harvey - Dec 15, 2007

Thanks Chris, any contributions welcome.

The version we use for the demo is generally the latest development branch (available via SVN from http://svn.jojocms.org). This has quite a few differences from the release version.

We do have a formal bug tracker at bugs.jojocms.org



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