Jojo CMS 1.0 Alpha 4 released

Dec 26, 2007

We have just released our latest Alpha version of Jojo, which is comprised primarily of many bug fixes and code cleanups.

This is our best version of Jojo yet, with many niggling issues resolved giving a much more stable product. A lot of attention has gone into adding new options to the article plugin, more options on the contact plugin, better handling of nofollow links across the site, and many other new features.

We are planning to follow up on this release with a Beta in mid January 2008 (update: this is to be delayed to Feb 5th and will contain PHP5 only code), after some more heavy coding over the Christmas break. If you are happy with your existing install of Jojo, you may want to wait for the Beta before upgrading (to save having to upgrade twice).


We would like to thank those people who have been contributing to the bug tracker, and we have been working hard to get the user-submitted items addressed as quick as possible.

If you do find general issues in Jojo that you would like resolved, please register at the above link, and submit your bugs there.

We have some exciting features planned for the near future, which will be covered in another blog post.


For now, you can get the latest release of Jojo from our downloads page.

Your Comments

jose - Dec 27, 2007

First, of all, congrats on the challenge you are taking - it is not an easy bit you are dealing with.
I have been testing your demo - no, I didn't crash it - and as I am used to work with a cms as a user only, so I just skip the coders' edge and I keep only a user's perspective - one that really wants to use your cms for web presence.

Ihave enn working with another cms for a couple of years - and it is not joomla, mambo or phpnuke - and I am looking for an alternative.

it seems jojo can be the alternative - but it arose some question while trying the demo:
a) to place the image I want where I want - I figured it out, but it took me some time
b) who does not have an image gallery on a cms? I mean, if I want to create an image gallery to share my last x-mas picture online, where is that gallery (module, as cms slang).

because cms are quite useful for those that do not feel like designing an extraordinary site: the average user wants always the same from a site: let me update pictures, text and change menu and submenus, adding here, deleting there in a WYSIWYG mode - modern times (sic) -

so, I am looking forwards to new developments of jojo and once again, congrats for the task you embraced

Harvey - Jan 2, 2008

Hi Jose,

Thanks for the feedback - will take this into account for further changes to the system.

I agree that placing images is not totally obvious, and there is room for improvement in that area - this is something we would like to spend more time on.

We do have an image gallery plugin due for release in the beta this month. It provides a simple way of uploading images into one or more galleries, which can be placed inline with content on any page. There are a variety of different gallery layouts available, so this plugin should suit most people's needs.


amit - Feb 12, 2009


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