Jojo 1.2 is out!

Mar 11, 2013

 It's the mobile edition! Get it.

Twitter Bootstrap now comes built-in to Jojo to make building responsive sites incredible easy, as well as a whole screed of other pre-built goodies.

Full documentation at

On top of that we also have a separate mobile templating system built in - designers not quite up to responsive yet? clients not sure what that even means? But they want a custom version of their site on their iPhone. Turn on the option, add the template, done.

And Jojo now also has Less CSS support baked in thanks to LessPHP. Turn on the option and add less variables, mixins, and nesting to the standard styles.css in your theme. 

See for the full documentation on how to write less css.  

..And styles.css now supports media queries so you can tweak your responsiveness all you like.

 There's also a columnbreak filter and snippets which I'll go into in more detail in another post.

And a bunch of bug fixes of course. 

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