Jojo Cart updates (and more)

Dec 2, 2013

Jojo Cart (and the User-Based Checkout) has had a bit of an overhaul recently - mostly to bring it into line with Jojo 1.3 and to let Bootstrap do what it does best (IMO), which is make forms look nice with minimal effort.

One consequence of this though (as for 1.3 generally) is that I've stripped out a lot of the built-in styling that was there, so that it doesn't interfere with what Bootstrap wants to do - so if you don't enable Bootstrap forms, buttons and tables in the Jojo CSS options, you'll need to put replacement styling for it into your theme.

Upgraded existing installs will likewise need a check to see what styling needs to be added back in or make sure Bootstrap is enabled.

I've also added in a Loyalty Points system. It's not had a great deal of road testing, so approach with caution, but it allows you to set how many points a person earns per unit of spend (e.g. 1 point for each $25 spent) and how much a point is worth when redeemed. Points are only allocated once the transaction has successfully completed. Customers can see at checkout (if they are logged in) how many points they have available and can choose how many, if any, they want to redeem.

One other change of note is a tweak to the Pack Sizes freight system which seemed to me to have some logic in there that didn't make much sense - but that may just be me failing to understand it. I've 'fixed' it and you can now hack it into working (in a limited way) as a weight-based freight calculator. I don't think it will break existing pack-based carts but you should definitely double-check your freight calculations after upgrading if you're using that system.

It's a bit clunky as a weight calculator though - it only works if you have a pack model for each weight unit (e.g. 1kg, 2kg, 3kg etc etc for as many as you think you might need). It really should have a dedicated freight model. One day..

The Cart Products Wine plugin has also had a re-jig - mostly to add in a heap more fields for segmenting the tasting note data so it can be more easily / consistently formatted and to make importing ex-TizWine sites more straightforward.  

That particular job also led to an update for the Jojo Pdf plugin (to generate PDF tasting notes on the fly from the product data). The DomPdf code at its heart has been updated to the current master which seems to work vastly better than the old copy we had in there - it now (kind of..) supports floats, the handling for unicode seems a lot better, css interpretation is great and the image / resolution handling reasonably intuitive. 

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