FireFox download day

Jun 18, 2008

Today is the FireFox 3 download day. Mozilla are having a crack at setting a Guiness world record for the most number of downloads within a 24 hour period.

Go on. you know you want to.
Download Day
Long live FireFox.

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Rick Hambrook - Jun 18, 2008

Their site's crawling at a snail's pace... making it a rather slow process to get the much anticipated release, but suggesting they'll easily get their record.

Harvey Kane - Jun 18, 2008

I got my copy at a reasonable pace, but it would be fair to say their server will be under some load today.

I would post a copy here for you to grab, but that wouldn't count towards their goal, and that defeats the point of it all.

Mike Cochrane - Jun 18, 2008

Comments from the mozilla guys.

I was downloading it at 30KB/s via my mobile as a modem - was all good for me.

Rick Hambrook - Jun 18, 2008

I wasn't complaining :) It finished after 1h 12m... with an average speed of 1.64k. - Apr 6, 2009

personally, i hate the huge monster bloated and resource hog firefox.
yet, i hate to admit, it is currently the best browser compared to others.

if only SRWare Iron browser available for linux...

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