Jojo Workshops - Feedback please

Jan 18, 2008

One of our goals for 2008 was to start some regular workshops, where developers can work through plugins and code together with the core team. The goal being to help everyone make better sites.

Workshops will be...

  • Free.
  • Held in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Approx 2-3 hours in length.
  • Aimed at web developers rather than end-users, though we may do end-user workshops in the future as well.

Have your say

Before any firm plans are made - we are asking for feedback from the people who will likely attend the workshops:
  • Would you prefer during business hours, in the evenings, or on a weekend?
  • Would you prefer a presentation format where a core developer talks about a particular topic, or a more open discussion where we discuss each other's latest work? Or a combination of the 2.
  • How regularly you would like to attend? We would consider a monthly workshop if there was enough interest.
  • Any other thoughts on how you would like the workshops to be run?

Feedback please

We would love to hear your thoughts, either in the comments below, or via email.

Your Comments

Josh Kosmala - Jan 21, 2008

A combination of open discussions and a core developer talking would be good.

During business hours would be best.

If some simple docs on extending Jojo could be provided early on that would be good (the process of creating plugins)


Jaijaz - Jan 22, 2008

Go for it!

Would probably prefer weekdays, no preference for day or night.

Combination of the two, developer talking and open discussion. Possibly a chance to let others run through plugins they have created.

As often as they can be. Monthly would be most practable, though would come more often if possible.

Would like workshops also to cover roadmaps, and an open forum for new idea sharing.

From a publicizing aspect, putting the meetings on would help to build Jojo popularity.

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