Some notes on the Beta

Feb 5, 2008

We will be launching the Beta within the next 24 hours, pending some final testing and tweaking. We figure our self-imposed deadline of Feb 5th is achievable, providing we don't go with New Zealand's GMT+12 timezone :)

The Beta is structurally quite different to previous versions, and this means that upgrading is not as straightforward as usual.

In the interests of making a better application, we have broken backwards compatibility in a few key areas. These are...

PHP5 only

Jojo will no longer work on PHP4. Because we won't be doing any further development on the alpha version (which does work on PHP4), we strongly recommend you run your Jojo sites on a PHP5 host.

PHP5 opens up a number of new programming techniques that we can use to make Jojo simpler, faster, and with better error reporting.

Webdrive is still our favourite PHP5 host in New Zealand. for capturing URLs

If your plugin uses this file to capture traffic from custom URLs, then this code will need to be changed. is now gone, and we have an api call instead. The api call is considerably easier to follow, and means less regexes for everyone concerned.

.htaccess is simplified

We have moved code from .htaccess into PHP, where we have more control over things - This means existing sites will need to use our new .htaccess file bundled with the download. Be careful that any of your own custom .htaccess rules are preserved when doing this.

pg_link field behaviour changed

The way pages are linked to plugins has changed, to fit into our API model better. Documentation will be available around this with the beta launch. If your site uses any custom plugins, this change probably effects you.

Menu navigation changed

A lot of people lost a lot of hair over the menu generation system bundled with the themes. And I can understand why. We have now created a number of standard navigation layouts, which should suit most websites. The standard nav code only produces HTML in a bullet list format, it's still up to you to write your own CSS and JS to get the exact look / feel you are after.

Stable developer API

We don't have any immediate plans to change the developer API from that in the beta. So we will begin proper documentation of this, something which we have been reluctant to do while the API was changing.

This version of Jojo should make the system much more accessible to developers.
We will be going over these new features in our up-coming workshop.

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