Jojo CMS 1.0 Release Candidate 2 released

After nearly 15 months since our last release we are pleased to announce the second Release Candidate version of Jojo CMS. We feel we are now at a stage where we will not be making fundamental... more

Added: 14 Sep 2009
Custom admin design

Custom admin design

Often we get asked by developers if they are allowed to replace the Jojo logo with their own logo, and whether there are any license issues with rebranding Jojo as their own product. Basically, rebranding Jojo as your own CMS product is fine with us. Here's a simple plugin you can download... more

Added: 27 Mar 2009

FireFox download day

Today is the FireFox 3 download day. Mozilla are having a crack at setting a Guiness world record for the most number of downloads within a 24 hour period. Go on. you know you want to. Long live FireFox. more

Added: 18 Jun 2008

Jojo CMS 1.0 RC1 released

We are pleased to announce the first Release Candidate version of Jojo CMS. Very pleased. We feel we are now at a stage where we will not be making fundamental changes to the Jojo framework or plugin API, and have been running the latest release of Jojo on our own sites long enough to consider... more

Added: 29 May 2008

Video - XML sitemaps for your plugin

XML sitemaps are a way of telling search engines about the pages on your site. Their most important function is to prioritize pages on large sites. Because GoogleBot has limited time available to visit/spider your site, you want to make sure it's spending it's time on the important pages, not... more

Added: 10 Apr 2008

Contribute: Help us populate the demo

We have been really busy coding on Jojo in recent weeks, but everyone knows it takes more than good code to make a decent software product. One of the areas of Jojo we feel is letting the team down is the demo - it's more or less a default install and it's largely empty. We could use some... more

Added: 28 Mar 2008

No Summer of Code this year

So Google has just published their list of accepted projects for Google Summer of Code 2008. The list is approx 2 1/2 hours later than expected, and my F5 key has taken a fair hammering in anticipation. Unfortunately, Jojo isn't on the list of approved open source projects. Silverstripe isn't... more

Added: 18 Mar 2008

Jojo & Google Summer of Code

Jojo are keen to be a part of Google Summer of Code 2008, and our beta2 changelog and site design have been getting a flogging as we try to prove to Google that we are up to the challenge. Summer of Code 2008 For the last 3 years, Google has helped open-source projects grow and... more

Added: 13 Mar 2008

Jojo Workshop - March 4th 2008

The first developer workshop will be held on Tuesday, March 4th 2008 from 12 noon. As discussed in our previous post on Jojo workshops, we will start off with some prepared material covering recent changes in Jojo and what you need to get your plugins consistent with the latest format. Then, we... more

Added: 25 Feb 2008

Some notes on the Beta

We will be launching the Beta within the next 24 hours, pending some final testing and tweaking. We figure our self-imposed deadline of Feb 5th is achievable, providing we don't go with New Zealand's GMT+12 timezone :) The Beta is structurally quite different to previous versions, and this... more

Added: 5 Feb 2008