Video - Basic SEO Tutorial

Jojo CMS is what we call a "search engine friendly CMS". What this means is that we have spent a vast amount of time making sure that Jojo won't throw up any barriers to getting indexed like many... more

Added: 1 Feb 2008

Video - Random Header Images

With a small amount of custom coding, you can have random header images appearing on your website. This is something that is used reasonably often, and is a good way to give the impression that your content is kept fresh and up to date (even if it isn't). This 4:20 video covers the process of... more

Added: 1 Feb 2008

Jojo working on lighttpd & IIS

In our recent development version of Jojo, we simplified the .htaccess rules in an attempt to, well, simplify things. Because the complicated .htaccess rules were difficult to replicate on other webservers, this meant that Jojo was only supported on Apache. Mike has been testing Jojo out on... more

Added: 31 Jan 2008

Video - Custom sidebars

A lot of people have been asking me how to use a different sidebar on each page of their site. It's normal to want say Testimonials on the homepage, and product photos on another page etc. There are a few ways to do this in Jojo, but I have made a short video showing my favourite approach.... more

Added: 30 Jan 2008

Nice URLs for articles

In the last release of Jojo we added the functionality to have your own choice of URLs for the article / blog plugin. Previously, the URL was based around the ID and the title, and although it was nice and search engine friendly, we were finding they were getting a bit long on some posts.... more

Added: 22 Jan 2008

Au revoir PHP4

Earlier in 2007 we signed up for the GoPHP5 initiative - an agreement between a number of software packages to discontinue support for PHP4 from February 5th, 2008. The goal of this is to encourage web hosts to upgrade their systems so that developers can take advantage of the goodies available... more

Added: 21 Jan 2008

Jojo Workshops - Feedback please

One of our goals for 2008 was to start some regular workshops, where developers can work through plugins and code together with the core team. The goal being to help everyone make better sites. Workshops will be... Free. Held in Auckland, New Zealand. Approx 2-3 hours in length. Aimed at web... more

Added: 18 Jan 2008

Jojo CMS 1.0 Alpha 4 released

We have just released our latest Alpha version of Jojo, which is comprised primarily of many bug fixes and code cleanups. This is our best version of Jojo yet, with many niggling issues resolved giving a much more stable product. A lot of attention has gone into adding new options to the... more

Added: 26 Dec 2007

Subsites in Jojo

I thought it might be worth giving a quick heads up on one of the new features coming in the next release of Jojo. While things might seem quiet on the release front, it's actually been pretty busy in the background. Subsites A major feature to be released in the next version is "Subsite... more

Added: 11 Nov 2007

I'm sorry for crashing the demo

We got this message turn up in the inbox today... First Name: Im Last Name: Sorry Email: Message: I crashed your demo. So sorry bout that. You might want to look into this. In case your curious what I did: I was poking around (thats what the dems's for right?) I got to the... more

Added: 30 Oct 2007