Website performance optimisation

We all want faster websites. We all know there are different website performance optimization techniques out there, but some are technical, some aren't practical, and some only apply to large... more

Added: 19 Oct 2007

A half day of Jojo workshops

We will be running a couple of Jojo presentations / workshops at the Auckland WDANZ conference next week, on Thursday, 18th October 2007. The first will be a one hour presentation which serves as a basic introduction into Jojo and how it differs from other products in this crowded market. This... more

Added: 9 Oct 2007

Jojo 1.0 Alpha3 released

The alpha 3 release includes mostly bug fixes and minor usability tweaks, as we continue towards making Jojo a fast, usable and stable platform for creating websites. In the Alpha 3 release we have switched to using jQuery instead of Prototype for most of the javascript in the admin area - we... more

Added: 27 Sep 2007

Open source vs Free

Today I was asked to make a copy of a static html website for someone, without having FTP access. The logical solution here was to find a website scraper program and use that to grab a copy onto the local machine. Commercial My first Google search started with "website scraper... more

Added: 20 Sep 2007

Jojo at the PHP Meetup

Mike Cochrane (Jojo developer) will be speaking about Jojo at tonight's PHP Meetup in Auckland (2nd August 2007). Mike will be doing a demo of how to install Jojo, as well as an inside look into how CSS and Javascript is handled in Jojo - which is an unusual but cool way of handling these. If... more

Added: 2 Aug 2007

How Jojo handles CSS

Jojo has a fairly unique way of handling CSS files, and we think this is one of the features that makes us different from the other gazillion CMS systems available out there. What makes for good CSS handling? When we talk about CSS handling, we are looking at what is best for the user, the... more

Added: 20 Jul 2007

Break NZ - Web hosting review

Because Jojo CMS is still new, we are constantly on the lookout for decent webhosts to try Jojo out on, resolve any issues, and then be able to recommend some good hosts to our users. Today I had a look at the hosting offering from Break - NZ web hosting. Great stuff Installing Jojo on Break's... more

Added: 18 Jul 2007

Jojo 1.0a2 released

With considerable work happening behind the scenes, we are pleased to release Jojo CMS Alpha 2, which fixes many of the things we were unhappy about in the first release. The update is comprised mostly of bug fixes and usability tweaks, but we have also stripped out a lot of old code and... more

Added: 16 Jul 2007

Jojo supports GoPHP5

In line with many other open-source PHP projects, Jojo CMS will be supporting the GoPHP5 initiative. In real terms, this means that from February 5th 2008, we will no longer support versions of PHP earlier than PHP5.2 Read our full GoPHP5 statement. more

Added: 16 Jul 2007

Alpha release available

For those keeping watch on our RSS feed, we are pleased to announce the release of a little Alpha version of Jojo. We have been busy the past few weeks cleaning out legacy code and making sure we aren't breaching any licenses with the open source software included in Jojo. Before we can call... more

Added: 7 Jun 2007