And the license is... LGPL

We have decided to license Jojo CMS under the GNU Lesser GPL license. We did toy with the idea of using a commercial license, but at the end of the day, developers are already familiar with the... more

Added: 31 May 2007

Where did April go?

So April got away on us, and still no alpha version on the site, but the good news is that it's not far away. We have been busy adding lots of features and making things go fast and we are really pleased with how the CMS is shaping up. Next step from here is to launch a demo site where you... more

Added: 2 May 2007

Working towards beta version

We have spent the past couple of months working on the Jojo code, getting it ready to go open source. There have been wholesale changes, but we are really happy with how it is coming along. Until then, if you need a CMS website, we can install Jojo for you through or... more

Added: 30 Mar 2007