Jojo CMS 1.0 RC1 released

May 29, 2008

We are pleased to announce the first Release Candidate version of Jojo CMS. Very pleased.

We feel we are now at a stage where we will not be making fundamental changes to the Jojo framework or plugin API, and have been running the latest release of Jojo on our own sites long enough to consider it stable. While there are still a large number of features we plan to implement, they are largely user interface and additional functionality changes, unlikely to have a serious impact on custom plugins.


The upgrade path from the beta is considerably easier than with our previous release - the most notable change since the Beta1 release is that all queries now require braces (squigglie brackets) around table names. However, if you miss a query or 2, it won't break your plugin unless you are using table prefixing.


We have a number of exciting plugin developments on the go at the moment, personally I have spent the past month developing the jojo_cart plugin and additions to our affiliate system (this would have made a great Summer of Code project). This is a configurable shopping cart plugin for Jojo, which makes it much easier to run online shopping websites and accept payments via PayPal or a number of other payment providers. I'll be making an announcement about this shortly.

You may notice our plugin pack now contains 51 plugins - we have been busy adding a newsletter plugin, the shopping cart plugins, a weather widget, the facility to customize your CAPTCHA, PHP 5.1 support, and many improvements to the existing plugins.


The Release Candidate version of Jojo can be downloaded from our download page. Be sure to grab the plugins pack as well, as all plugins will also need to be upgraded.


I'd like to point out that the forums are our preferred method of support, especially after a new release. All the core developers have the Forum RSS feed in their readers, so messages posted to the forums will be read just as fast as emails. However, when we reply in the forums the information becomes available to the community and others can benefit from the reply.

Thanks for your continued support.

Harvey & the Jojo team.

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Anthony Herron - Jun 4, 2008

Wow, a shopping cart?

Pretty dam exciting!

Well done, keep the good work coming :)


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