Jojo CMS 1.0 Release Candidate 2 released

Sep 14, 2009

After nearly 15 months since our last release we are pleased to announce the second Release Candidate version of Jojo CMS.

We feel we are now at a stage where we will not be making fundamental changes to the Jojo framework or plugin API, and have been running the latest release of Jojo on our own sites long enough to consider it stable. Jojo RC2 is also PHP 5.3 friendly for those whose hosting providers are providing you the latest version of PHP you'll now be able to run this version of Jojo (some externals like Xinha are still catching up however and require patching to work).


For most sites the upgrade from RC1 to RC2 should be pretty smooth and painless but we suggest you test your site in a development environment first. Simply update all your Jojo files and any other plugins that you've downloaded, delete everything out of the cache folder, and then run setup.

New Requirements

RC2 now requires the PHP MultiByte string extension (mbstring). On .deb distros (Debian, Ubuntu etc) this should be available by default, on RPM distros (Redhat, Fedora, Centos etc) you'll need to enable/install this.


You may have noticed a couple of features disappear after upgrading. This is probably because they have been moved out into separate plugins.
- Redirects
This is now the Jojo_Redirect plugin and should get auto installed for you.
- Image Manager
This is now the Jojo_Image_Manager plugin.
- Version History
This is now the Jojo_Version_History plugin.
- Gallery 3 plugin and Forms plugin
These have been moved to the plugins repository.
- User profiles etc
Moved to Jojo_Community_Legacy or alternatively use Jojo_Community

Check your Orphaned Pages in setup to see if anything else is missing.

There are some other new plugins worth checking out: jojo_autotag, jojo_banned_ips, jojo_cart_*, jojo_community, jojo_event, jojo_gcal, jojo_geolite_country, jojo_jquery_lightbox, jojo_sharethis, jojo_swfobject.


The Release Candidate version of Jojo can be downloaded from our download page. Be sure to grab the plugins pack as well, as all plugins will also need to be upgraded.


I'd like to point out that the forums are our preferred method of support, especially after a new release. All the core developers have the Forum RSS feed in their readers, so messages posted to the forums will be read nearly as fast as emails. However, when we reply in the forums the information becomes available to the community and others can benefit from the reply. Also please post bug reports to

Thanks for your continued support.

Mike & the Jojo team.

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dny - Oct 9, 2009

rc1 seem to works better for me.
it's not working because the install cant setup the database correctly

Mike Johnston - Oct 10, 2009

What is the eta on the final release?

Michael Brandon - SEO - Oct 28, 2010

I am about to upgrade my server to php5.3

Can you confirm that the latest jojo via svn is compatible with 5.3.


Mike Cochrane - Oct 28, 2010

This is the config on the GardyneHOLT server:

And on my own server:

Jojo runs fine on both these servers.

Phi - Feb 29, 2012

is this project no longer developing ?
i have not seen any release for almost 2 years.

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