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Apr 10, 2008

XML sitemaps are a way of telling search engines about the pages on your site. Their most important function is to prioritize pages on large sites. Because GoogleBot has limited time available to visit/spider your site, you want to make sure it's spending it's time on the important pages, not the rubbish ones.

XML sitemaps are a way of telling search engines:

  • What pages you have on your site
  • When each page was last modified
  • Which pages are more important than others
  • How often a page is likely to change

Search engines can use this information to do a better / more efficient job of spidering your site.

XML sitemaps in Jojo

If you have the jojo_sitemap plugin installed (it is by default) then you already have an XML sitemap eg <a rel="nofollow" href="sitemap.xml"> - this includes entries for all the main pages in Jojo.


But not the pages that are created by your plugins. If you have a plugin that creates new pages, for example a product listing plugin, then these pages aren't automatically included in the sitemap. This isn't ideal, because these custom pages could well be the most important parts of your site.

This video tutorial shows how to configure your plugin to add entries into the XML sitemap.


PS. Apologies for the text being a little hard to read - I made this video on a higher-res screen than usual, I figured it would be better to release the video anyway rather than re-do the thing from scratch.

I'll follow up on this post with some example code in the docs that can be copy-pasted into your plugin.

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David - Apr 28, 2008

Video doesn't work very well. Stops near the beginning.

Has anyone else got this problem ?

Tom Dale - May 6, 2008

Display size was set incorrectly, which probably wasn't helping - trying out the Shadowbox script on it (so it can display at full size without screwing up the page layout)
- hopefully that helps? (rather than makes things worse..)

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