Caching Features

Because running PHP code and database queries can be slow (especially on busy sites), many CMS packages cache any output that is not changing every minute. This reduces the load on the server, and makes the site load quicker for the visitor - both desireable characteristics.

HTML Cache

Caching is done in Jojo on a per-page basis. That is, most pages will be cached, but you have the ability to disable the cache for specific pages only.
By default, the cache will last for 8 hours, or until it is cleared manually.
HTML cache is effective on most sites and significantly reduces load on the CPU of the server.

CSS and Javascript cache

CSS and Javascript is cached too. Because Jojo uses dynamic CSS / JS, this output needs to be cahced on the server to speed up subsequent requests. This happens automatically if caching is enabled. CSS and Javascript files are also cached by the browser on the client-side, so it makes sense to include as much as poissible in these files to reduce the size of the HTML template.

Image Cache

Jojo includes a complicated image resizing system, and this is especially hard on server resources. To keep sites running quick, all images are cached on the server automatically. While this can take a lot of additional disk space, it also makes images very easy to manage and allows the site to run very quickly.

Clearing the cache

There are several ways to clear the cache. By far the easiest method is to visit any page and press CTRL-F5. This will clear the browser cache, and the server cache, regenerating all HTML, CSS, JS and images for the page you are currently on.
To clear the cache sitewide, the admin homepage has buttons for clearing the HTML cache and image cache. This should be done after any template changes.
Also, whenever content is changed via the admin interface, the HTML cache is cleared automatically. While this can mean additional processing, it also ensures that any changes are immediately live across the site.

Cache time

The default cache time is 8 hours. This can be changed from "Edit options" if desired.