CMS Matrix

The CMS Matrix is a popular site for comparing CMS systems. It contains a thorough set of criteris which CMS vendors answer yes / no / maybe to each.

We think it's more useful to have a little more explanation alongside each item. Here's our answers.

Note: This page is out of date - many improvements have been made since last editing.

Application Server

The application server or application environment required to run this CMS.
Apache recommended, in theory, any server that supports PHP and MySQL though we have not tested others.

Approximate Cost

The approximate licensing cost of this CMS. Note that there are almost always hard and soft costs beyond licensing costs for any CMS.


The database engine this CMS uses to store content and settings.
MySQL 4.1+


The type of license this CMS is distributed under.
To be announced. Likely one of the standard open sources licenses such as BSD or GPL.

Operating System

The operating systems this CMS is compatible with.
Any that support the web server requirements. Tested on Linux and Windows.

Programming Language

The programming language that the CMS is written in and/or can be extended using.
PHP 4.3 or 5. We may discontinue PHP4 support after 2007.

Root Access

Is root (or administrator) access required to install this application?
No. Having root access may make administration easier, but not required for standard installs.

Shell Access

Is shell access required to install this application? In other words, do you need to be able to log in to the machine (other than through FTP) in order to install this application?
FTP access is all that is required, though shell access can be useful.

Web Server

The web servers this CMS is compatible with.
Apache 1.3+

Audit Trail

Does the system keep track of who made additions, updates, or deletions?
Yes. We are working on improving this feature.


A challenge-response system designed to defeat bots from being able to use user-only features of a system. See for more information.
Contact forms can optionally have a CAPTCHA added, article comments and link exchange forms both have CAPTCHAs enabled by default.

Content Approval

Does the system provide for some level of system-wide content approval?
There is currently no content approval system in place. This is scheduled for version 2.

Email Verification

Does the system send an activation key to users to make sure they've entered a valid email address?
Email activation can be enabled as an option.

Granular Privileges

Does the system allow read and write privileges on a per page or per content item basis, as well as separate privileges for other system functions?
Pages / posts / products etc all have privileges associated with them. For any given database record, you can choose which user groups can see / edit the record. For tree-based objects, such as a page hierarchy, these permissions are inherited.

Kerberos Authentication

Does the system support authentication via Kerberos?
No plans to add this feature unless requested by users.

LDAP Authentication

Does the system allow for LDAP-based authentication?
This may be implemented if users request this.

Login History

Does the system keep track of who logged in and when? Such systems also usually keep track of things like what browser the user was using and what IP address they came from, as well as unsuccessful attempts.
Simple logs are kept. Users are warned after 5 unsuccessful attempts and blocked after 10.

NIS Authentication

Does the system support authentication via NIS?
No plans to add this feature unless requested by users.

NTLM Authentication

Does the system support authentication via NTLM?
No plans to add this feature unless requested by users.

Pluggable Authentication

Does the system allow an administrator to plug in additional authentication schemes (from a vendor or homegrown) beyond the default proprietary authentication scheme and an LDAP authentication mechanism?

Problem Notification

Does the system provide a mechanism for alerting administrators (email, instant messenger, cell phone, etc) when it detects a problem? (Logging does not count.)
Todo: version 1.


Does the system allow for a private area for content managers to try new content ideas without the worry of affecting the rest of the site?
No. We are adding a preview feature which allows content to be viewed before it is saved.

Session Management

Does the system provide some facility for an administrator to see who is logged in, what they are doing, and log them out if necessary?
Todo: beta version.

SMB Authentication

Does the system support authentication via SMB?
No plans to add this feature unless requested by users.

SSL Compatible

Can this system be used with an SSL certificate on the web server?
Yes. If there is a a certificate for the domain, it should mirror the non-secure site. Jojo will take care of redirecting between the secure and non-secure domains on a per-page basis.

SSL Logins

Can this system be configured to switch to SSL mode (HTTPS) for logins, and then back to normal HTTP after the login? This kind of functionality protects user login information from being sniffed.
This may be added for Version 1 or a future release.

SSL Pages

Can this system be configured to switch to SSL mode for certain pages (or sections), and then back to straight HTTP for other pages (or sections)? You may want this if the system is used partially for regular site content and partially to distribute confidential data such as customer invoices or medical records.
SSL is an option that is set on a per-page basis.


Does the system provide for some level of system-wide content versioning?
In the background, Jojo keeps SVN diffs of all changes to HTML content. Currently there is no interface for viewing these, but this is a likely feature for version 1.

Certification Program

Is there a professional certification or degree program for this CMS?

Code Skeletons

Does the system provide code skeletons or code templates to make it easy for new developers to write plugins for it?
A default theme is supplied with all the required elements in place. A well commented "Hello world" plugin is supplied, and several example plugins.

Commercial Manuals

Are there books or other commercially available documentation for this CMS?
We are doing our best to provide good web based documentation.

Commercial Support

Can support be purchased from a commercial organization with trained staff members?
The format of this is to be finalized, but there will definitely be some form of paid priority support.

Commercial Training

Can training be purchased from a commercial organization that has dedicated training staff for this CMS?
Training is to be available in Auckland, New Zealand.

Developer Community

Is there a free online developer community specifically for this product?
We are working on that one. Please visit again!

Online Help

Is there an integrated context-sensitive help system built in to the CMS?
Many parts of the admin section have context sensitive help. Plugin developers can choose to add rollover help on any fields they add to the system, which is great for usability.

Pluggable API

Can the system be extended through an open and documented application programming interface (API)?

Professional Hosting

Is there a vendor supplied professionally tuned hosting environment (application service provider) or has a certified hosting partner program.
While we provide hosting for our own clients, we have no immediate plans to provide dedicated Jojo hosting for the world. We will instead provide a list of hosting providers that we have tested the system on and can recommend.

Professional Services

Are there commercially available professional services organizations to customize or provide administrative services for this CMS?
We can provide graphic design, programming, plugin development, HTML/CSS coding SEO, content authoring, translations and many other services.

Public Forum

Is there a publicly available forum or message board for the system?
This should be the first stop for support.

Public Mailing List

Is there a publicly available mailing list for the system?
Not yet.

Test Framework

Does the system have an automated test framework that can be used to test the codebase to ensure that it is functioning properly? This sort of framework is sometimes called Unit Tests or Smoke Tests.
Currently no test framework available.

Third-Party Developers

Are there third-party developers who manufacture plug-ins for this system?
Not yet.

Users Conference

Is there an annual users conference for this system where it's users can get together, discuss ideas, get training, etc?
Not yet.

Drag-N-Drop Content

Does the product allow the user to position content in a drag and drop fashion?
No. It is unlikely this will be available in the future, as CSS positioning is a difficult job. We believe this job is best left to a CSS expert, rather than a PHP script.

Email To Discussion

Can messages be emailed to the system so that they automatically appear in community discussions (forums/message boards)?
No, though this is a featuire we would like to develop in version 1.x

Friendly URLs

Does the system have human-readable and search engine friendly URLs? (The alternative is that there are a bunch of symbols and numbers in the URL and the URLs are typically quite long.)
Yes. Absolutely. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Image Resizing

Is the system capable of allowing users to resize uploaded images so they need not mess around with an external image editor?
Yes. The full sized image is stored on the server, and any smaller size file can be requested at any point in time. The first time a thumbnail is requested, a copy is generated and cached for next time to save server processor time.
We believe our system of handling image resizing is better than most.

Macro Language

Is there a macro language that allows content managers to place powerful functionality (like auto-generated navigation systems) without any programming knowledge?

Mass Upload

Does the system have a way of uploading/importing many images and other files all at once to save time?
We are working on Zip file uploads for version 1.


Does the system allow the user to create custom default settings for the different kinds of content objects to save them extra clicks when creating those object types. For instance, if there is a particular template they like to use, can they set it as a default?
Every record has an "Add similar" button. To create a new page similar to another page, you can use this feature to copy most of the detail from the existing page, and change the parts required.

Server Page Language

Is there a server page language available like PHP, JSP, or ASP for easy one-off functionality?
One-off pages are best implemented as plugins, and these can be created in 10 minutes.

Spell Checker

Does the system have an integrated spell checker?
No. We recommend users use the Firefox Browser, which has a spell checker built into all textarea boxes. This solution is inherently faster than most CMS bundled solutions.

Style Wizard

Does the system have a wizard for generating styles/themes/templates or whatever else a look and feel might be called in the system? These wizards would allow the user to step by step choose colors, layouts, logos, etc to create their own look and feel without knowing anything about HTML/CSS.
No. This may be added in the future, but our target market is still web developers.


Can the user subscribe to various sections of the site and receive notifications on new/updated content? These types of functions are typically found in the news feeds, forums, and blogs.
Parts of the system have this feature, eg forums.

Template Language

Is there a templating language for powerful layout controls? (Note that templating languages are different from server page languages in that they are not capable of full programmatic functions, and are fully HTML compliant.)
Smarty is used for all templating functions. This is a plus for any developers already familiar with Smarty.

UI Levels

Is there a means of "dumbing down" the publishing interface for less sophisticated publishers while keeping a more sophisticated interface for power users?
We have basic mode / standard mode and advanced mode. In basic mode, all but the most fundamental fields are shown on any given object. Standard mode shows those you would use everyday, and advanced mode shows all fields, some of which are for developers only.
Users can switch modes anytime. The purpose of this feature is not for security, but to simplify the interface for users who don't want to see the complicated stuff.


Does the system allow users to "undo" operations if they make a mistake?


Is there a web-based rich text editor to allow publishers to create formatted content without knowing HTML, CSS, XML, or XSL?
We have Xinha and FCK Editor built in.

Zip Archives

Does the system allow a user to upload a zip (or other compressed file) full of static content, which is then published to the site? This sort of feature is used to do web-based mass uploads of static content.

Advanced Caching

Does the system have advanced caching mechanisms that go beyond simple page caching? For instance, navigation, template, or content object caching?
Caching is a big part of Jojo CMS. All content is generated dynamically, including HTML, images, Javascript and CSS. This is all cached on the server on a per-user basis. The cache is cleared on any given page by pressing CTRL-F5, and whenever content changes.

Database Replication

Can the system take advantage of database replication for better scalability? The system would need to be able to perform reads from slaves and writes to the database master.
Expected feature Version 1.x

Load Balancing

Does the system allow you to put a load balancer in front of it to split the load between multiple servers? This would require that user sessions can be passed beween all the nodes transparently.
PHP sessions are stored in the database so they can in theory be available to multiple web servers. This has not been tested in practice however.

Page Caching

Does the system have a mechanism for caching the contents of a page so that if it's requested again it can skip most of the work to create the page?
If content caching is enabled, HTML pages will be cached for 8 hours, or until an admin changes the page.

Static Content Export

Does the system have the ability to export it\'s content as static HTML so it may be served up from regional cache servers, or from static HTML web servers?
We don't plan to add this feature, as so much of the CMS is dynamic.

Advertising Management

Does the CMS have a banner or other management system?
We expect to have a plugin available by version 1.

Asset Management

Is there a central repository for uploading images and other files so they can be reused through-out the site?
Images are stored in a central library. A similar system for documents will be available for the beta release.


Is there a clipboard system that allows publishers to easily cut and paste content from one area of the site to another?

Content Scheduling

Does the system allow for content to be automatically added or removed from a site based upon date?
Pages and articles have a go live / expiry date for this purpose.

Content Staging

Can content be created on one server and easily "pushed" to another server?

Inline Administration

Is content edited directly in the page that it will be placed? (The alternative is that there is a wholly separate interface for managing content.)
The quick edit function achieves this purpose. This is a menu available on any page for making quick changes to the page you are on. While not strictly "inline" it's AJAX based and you don't need to leave the page you are on to make the changes. This is currently in beta testing.

Online Administration

Can the system be completely managed through a web browser? (The alternative is that there is some sort of offline client software that must be used to manage at least some components.)
All administration is done via a browser, some core settings such as folder locations ad database details are configured via a config file outside of the web root, as is the standard method.

Package Deployment

Can content and applications be packaged so that tedious repeditive publishing functions can be easily deployed time and time again without the repetition?

Sub-sites / Roots

Does the system allow for sub-sites within a site that are self-contained with their own navigation and content hierarchy?
A 3rd party forum could be uploaded into the "forums" folder, and operate independently from Jojo CMS.

Themes / Skins

Does the system have a mechanism to transport styles, templates, etc between sites so that you can create a theme on one site and then reuse it on many others?
Themes are contained within a single folder, and can be easily copied onto other sites. Several themes can exist on the server at one time, though only one theme can be installed at any time.


Is there a trash system to allow administrators or publishers to recover content that has been removed from the site? Note that this is not the same as recovering items from a versioning archive.

Web Statistics

Does the system have built in web site statistics reporting for things such as pages/content items viewed, number of users per time period, etc?
Basic stats are collected, but more for security purposes than for visitor reporting. The site allows you to enter a Google Analytics code in the admin section, and the Javascript is placed appropriately to get this working.

Web-based Style/Template Management

Is there a web-based interface for adding styles and templates to the system for design and layout control?
This may be implemented in version 2.

Web-based Translation Management

Can language translations be managed through and easy web-based interface?
There is currently no support for interface translation. This is a feature we would like to see in place, but takes a lot of work, and would be implemented once other features have been completed.

Workflow Engine

Is there a full-fledged workflow system integrated into the CMS that can be used for business process management (or other duties beyond just content approval)?
These would need to be created via plugins. We have several of these on our own sites, but nothing "off the shelf".

Content Syndication (RSS)

Can the system export RSS/XML feeds so that the content can be republished on other sites? Note that if it can only syndicate content from one function, such a "news" then it should be labeled as only limited support.
Limited support.
The Blog / articles plugin has an RSS feed available.

FTP Support

Does the system allow users to upload internal content and/or files via FTP?
Image content can be uploaded via FTP, page content must be added via the admin interface.

UTF-8 Support

Does the system support UTF-8 character encoding to enable multi-lingual sites without the use of seperate code pages for each language?

WAI Compliant

Does the system follow the W3C specification for WAI compliance?

WebDAV Support

Does the system allow users to upload internal content and/or files via WebDAV?

XHTML Compliant

Does the system follow the W3C specification for XHTML compliance?
We do our best, though we can't boast 100% compliance for all pages right now. We are absolutely working towards this goal.

CGI-mode Support

Can the system run in CGI mode for development purposes or on low-end systems?
Yes, though this is not recommended on production sites as PHPSESSID may show in the URL.

Content Reuse

Does the system allow content to be mirrored (not copied, but reused) from one location to another on a site?
Content can be added to variables, which then become available from any page.

Extensible User Profiles

Does the system provide a user profiling that can be extended with new profile properties through an administrative interface?
Limited support.
If additional fields are added to the user table, these will appear in the admin form. Custom programming is of course required to make these additional fields actually do anything.

Interface Localization

Is the system localized/internationalized so it can be translated into other languages and take locale preferences like date/time preferences into account?


Does the system support the adding of arbitrary metadata properties to all the content objects? The metadata is typically then used for profiling, indexing, or even auxillary display functions.

Multi-lingual Content

Does the system support the creation of sites with multiple languages?

Multi-lingual Content Integration

Does the system support a multi-lingual version of each content object without republishing the content object. For example, if you create an FAQ in English, then all that needs to be done to display the FAQ in Spanish or another language is to translate the content, not create another page with another FAQ content object. Then depending upon user preferences it either shows one version or the other.

Multi-Site Deployment

Is the system capable of hosting multiple sites from one software deployment? This means you can install the software once and host as many sites as you want. It also means that when it comes time to upgrade you only need to upgrade the software in one place, not for each seperate site.
The core files are kept somewhere on the server. For each site deployment, they have their own config file and folders for custom plugins, themes, uploaded content, and cache. Each site uses it's own database. The system will run well as a multi-site or single-site deployment.

URL Rewriting

Is the system capable of rewriting URL or working with some other URL rewriting mechanism to provide shorter or friendlier URLs?
URL rewriting is a standard part of the CMS, implemented via Apache's mod_rewrite. While we have not recently tested on IIS, we would expect this to work with ISAPI_REWRITE if the relatively simple rewrite rules are copied and modified appropriately.

Wiki Aware

Does the system support wiki or wiki-like functionality? Wiki provides online collaboration functionality as well as a simple text formatting language.


Does the systemm have a blog or web log? (See for an example.)
Yes. This is available via the jojo_article plugin, supplied standard with the CMS.


Does the system have an application for real-time online chat?
Could be implemented as a plugin if there is user demand.


Does the system have a classifieds application?
Not as standard.
Could be implemented as a plugin if there is user demand.

Contact Management

Does the system have a contact management or rolodex type of application?
Not as standard, but very easy to create one to suit.

Data Entry

Does the system have an application for creating arbitrary data entry applications?

Database Reports

Does the system have an application for creating database reports?

Discussion / Forum

Does the system have a message board?

Document Management

Does the system have an application for managing offline document storage and versioning?

Events Calendar

Does the system have an application for tracking events and displaying events calendars?

Events Management

Does the system have a way to create events and allow users to sign up for those events.

Expense Reports

Does the system have an application for tracking employee expense reports?

FAQ Management

Does the system have an application to organize frequently asked questions?

File Distribution

Does the system have an application for distributing files including privileges for who is allowed to view/download those files?

Graphs and Charts

Does the system have an application that will allow the user to generate graphs and charts based upon some data set (SQL, text file, xml file, etc)?


Does the system have email and calendaring (group scheduling) applications?

Guest Book

Does the system have a guest book or graffiti application?

Help Desk / Bug Reporting

Does the system have an application for trouble ticketing or bug reporting?

HTTP Proxy

Does the system have a mechanism to proxy or mirror HTML and other content and applications from other web servers?

In/Out Board

An intranet application that allows staff to post their status. In the building. Out for the day, be back tommorrow. Etc.

Job Postings

Does the system have a mechanism for posting job listings?

Link Management

Does the system have an application to manage links?

Mail Form

Does the CMS have an application for creating customizable ?contact us? type forms?


Does the system have a matrix application similar to what you see here on CMS Matrix?

My Page / Dashboard

Does the CMS have a dashboard application (sometimes called a portal)? (See for an example.)


Does the system have the ability to allow users to add/delete themselves to/from a list so that they can be sent email from the system on various topics?

Photo Gallery

Does the system have an application for displaying a thumbnail / image repository?


Does the system have an application for conducting simple single question polls?

Product Management

Does the system have an application for displaying organized product information?

Project Tracking

Does the system have an application for managing project tasks?

Search Engine

Does the system have an integrated search engine that can index the managed content and allow the user to search the indexed content?

Site Map

Can the system generate a tree showing all of the pages in the system dynamically so it doesn't have to be maintained seperately by the content managers?

Stock Quotes

Does the system have an application for displaying stock ticker information?


Does the CMS have an application for conducting complex multi-question surveys?

Syndicated Content (RSS)

Does the CMS have an application for retrieving and displaying RDF/RSS/XML syndicated content?

Tests / Quizzes

Does the system have an application for administering tests and quizzes?

Time Tracking

Does the system have an application for tracking employee time for payroll or billing purposes?

User Contributions

Does the CMS have a system for allowing a user community to contribute stories and other content to the site?


Does the system have a weather information system?

Web Services Front End

Does the system have an application for directly interfacing with arbitrary web services such as the Google API and the various available methods from X-Methods, and then creating a templated user interface without coding?

Affiliate Tracking

Does the system have an affiliate tracking or referrals system for tracking partner sites that link in to the site?
Working on this for version 1.

Inventory Management

Does the system provide the site owner a way to manage inventory levels (quantities of product on hand)?

Pluggable Payments

Does the system allow the site owner to plug in new payment gateways so they may use whatever payment processing mechanism (PayPal, PayFlowPro, 2checkout, iTransact,, etc) they choose?

Pluggable Shipping

Does the system allow the site owner to plug in their own shipping calculator so that they can charge based upon their needs (weight, price, UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc)?

Pluggable Tax

Does the system allow the site owner to plug in new tax calculators?

Point of Sale

Does the system tie into (or have built in) a point of sale system to enable site owners to run a brick and mortar store from the same inventory?

Shopping Cart

Does the system have a mechanism for allowing the user to create a list of adhoc items to purchase, and then purchase all of them at once?


Does the system have a way manage timed subscriptions that are tied into the commerce function? This requires recurring billing, billing cancellation, etc.

Wish Lists

Does the system allow users to create wish lists?