Core philosophies and values

If you are thinking of trying a CMS product, it helps if you think the same way as the developers.

We think...
  • A CMS should be search engine friendly out of the box
  • Ideally a CMS should not look like a CMS
  • There is no excuse for using tables-based layouts in 2008
  • Firefox, Safari, Opera, Camino and other browsers actually exist
  • You should not have writable files in your web-root on a shared server (almost every CMS fails miserably in this regard)
  • We now support only PHP5, so we can keep our code modern
  • We believe in giving a reasonable amount power to the end user. Rather than beaurocratic and slow content approval structures to prevent idiots from breaking your site, we say "don't give idiots access", or better yet, "don't employ idiots".
  • CSS coding is a craft. We like to see people take pride in their coding, and keep the HTML code as light as possible.

If you agree with these values, then you may find this product a good match.