Getting help

Everyone needs some help at one time or another. We aim to provide great support to our users, or better yet, make things easier to use so you don't need support.

Support is available from the Jojo team in the following ways...


If you are having trouble installing Jojo, or with any particular feature, the first stop should be the forums. Register for a forum account, and post your question for developers to answer.

Email support

While we do offer email support, we prefer for supprot requests to go through the forums. Developers subscribe to the forum RSS feed, so we get notified of new posts fairly quickly. If you look at the post times in the forums, you will see we respond quickly to forum requests.

We will of course respond to email support requests, but the answers we give by email aren't able to help other users with the same problem, like the forums can.

MSN Live Messenger support

For urgent requests or by invitation, we also offer support over MSN messenger - add to your contact list and contact Harvey when he is online.

Skype support

As above, but please initiate a text chat before starting a voice chat as it's not always a convenient time.
Username: harveykane

Phone support

At this time, phone support is reserved for customers on a support contract, or by invitation.
However, if you ask nicely, we will probably say yes.

Support contracts

We have a number of users on paid support contracts, where we provide faster and more comprehensive support. Until such time as we have a formal pricing structure around this, please contact us and let us know your requirements.


See also out support page for more information.