Is Jojo Suitable for your site?

We have used Jojo on all kinds of websites. It definitely serves some sites better than others, it has a different place in the market to other good CMS products.

However, we think the best way to demonstrate how it can be used is to provide examples. In general, Jojo is suited for the following types of sites...

  • Product database sites
  • Large brochureware sites
  • Online shopping sites (with plugins)
  • Image galleries
  • Blogs
  • Portfolio sites
  • MFA / Scraper sites (if you really must)
  • Community / forums
  • Sites requiring password-protected areas
  • Sites with 1-10 admin users

Genrally speaking, we don't believe Jojo would be suitable for you if...
  • You are using free / cheap / PHP4 hosting
  • You don't know what CSS means
  • You are running a 1-5 page website
  • You aren't prepared to upgrade your site regularly
  • You aren't interested in SEO or rankings
  • You are looking for a quick-fire website with pre-made templates
  • You don't want to run beta software on a production site

We believe Jojo is especially suited if...
  • You respect well formed CSS and HTML
  • You already have fast PHP5 hosting, and will be able to appreciate any speed increases
  • Your existing CMS is not as google-friendly as it says it is
  • You already have your own homebrew CMS that is taking too much time to maintain
  • You subscribe to the web 2.0 movement and think AJAX is more than a kooky buzzword
  • You want control of how your site looks, and don't mind doing your own CSS / HTML to get it that way

If you are unsure about using Jojo, you can try out our demo website, or contact one of the developers for a chat or a demo in-person.