Plugins are a way of adding functionality to Jojo CMS. These may be changes to existing functionality, or they may add new functionality, such as a product database or image gallery.

The Jojo plugin format is reasonably easy to follow. functionality is added by adding files to your plugin. These may be...

Plugin classes

Most plugins will include a core class, which contains PHP code and is the main functionaliy of the plugin.

Templates and stylesheets

Templates and CSS are included with plugins, to separate style from function.

Setup / Uninstall script

All plugins must be able to install and uninstall themselves. Many plugins will need to add new pages to the site, or add new tables to the database. The setup script is written in a standard format so the plugin can be installed automatically by the GUI. Likewise, it needs to be able to undo all changes made, should the user want to remove the plugin.

URL handling rules

Some pluginns need to define new rules for handling URLs. A product plugin may add a new format for URLs on the site, which may be

Sitemap rules

If the plugin creates new pages, these may need to be added to the sitemap and XML sitemap. A few lines of code achieves this.

Plugin documentation