The price tag

Jojo is Free.

What's the catch?

All we ask of you is that you provide a link back to in the footer or sidebar of your website - this isn't entirely unlike many other open-source projects on the market.
If you aren't wanting to place a link back to us from your site, we ask you to consider making a donation of US$100 to help us keep Jojo going.

We are trying to build a brand and a name, and we believe the best way to get support is from those sites already using Jojo.

How do we make money?

Because we still have offices to run and staff to pay, we need to make money from this project, and seeing as the core product is free, we have to get creative.
We have more than 10 different ways of making money from Jojo, including...
  • Advertising revenue
  • Affiliate commissions from sites we link to
  • Paid installations and support
  • The $100 donation to remove the footer link
  • General donations
  • Extra business doing design / web development / SEO resulting from interest in Jojo
  • Selling email lists of our users to spammers (no, not really, we would never do that)
  • etc.

Using this model, we can provide Jojo free of charge, and still be profitable. If you have benefited from the thousands of hours we have spent developing and supporting Jojo, we ask that you consider making a donation to help keep the project moving.