Recommended web hosts


For New Zealand based installations (where we have a lot of users) we can't recommend WebDrive enough, which is where we host and many client websites.

At NZD$30 per month, you get unlimited bandwidth and disk space, all the system requirements you need to run Jojo, and great support as well.


Dreamhost are one of the better US hosts we have come across. Dreamhost allow you to host unlimited domains for less than US$10 per month, and you get silly limits on bandwidth and disk space (last time I checked my $20 account has 500Mb+ of disk space and several TeraBytes of bandwidth).
We like Dreamhost because they give you a SVN server, streaming media servers, unlimited domains / mailboxes, and a great control panel.
The only downside is that they run PHP in CGI mode, which isn't ideal for Jojo. We hope to work around this small issue in one of our nearby beta versions.
Please enter our discount code of HARVEYKANE when you sign up to save yourself $50, and to help us pay the bills with an affiliate commision.

Other Hosts

We have users hosting Jojo CMS on many other web hosts. If this is you, please let us know so we can recommend the host to other users.