Step by step install

For the installation, you will need to know your MySQL access details and passwords, as well as the absolute location of your website on the server eg '/home/username/htdocs/www' on Linux or 'c:/htdocs/www/yoursite' on Windows.

Installation instructions

First Step

First you have to go to your website in your browser. The first time you call your homepage address and Jojo isn't installed, this will automatically shown the first step of the installation process.

Installation Process of Jojo CMS - Step 1

Here you have to enter your main Jojo directory, that is the directory where you kept all the default Jojo files. Before you see the next step in the process, a script validates your entered path.

Second Step

Installation Process of Jojo CMS - Step 2

On the second screen you have to enter some site related information. You can change these information later in the backend whenever you want. Please enter here the Name of your site as a site title, these site title will be used as part of the HTML Title tag on every Site of our Website. Furthermore you have to enter The webmaster name and email address. At last you have to choose a password for the admin account. Now you can switch to step 3.

Third Step

Installation Process of Jojo CMS - Step 3

As a first part of step 3 you have to enter all your database information and file locations. If you don't know exactly what you have to type in the fields for file location go back in the documentation to Installing Jojo CMS.

Fourth Step

Installation Process of Jojo CMS - Step 4

After finishing step 3 and successful connect to your database your config file will be created in the config folder of the website. If the permissions don't allow to create the file, you have to create the file manually. You will get the instructions in step 4. In both cases you see the content of config file for your information on the screen.

Fifth Step

Installation Process of Jojo CMS - Step 5

You are nearly finished. You only have to enter your chosen master password. If you click the button in Step 5 the setup process starts. This means a script is running which installs the CMS and all tables and data's for the database.

Now you are finished with the installation process. If you have any problems or further questions, please use the Jojo Support Forum.