Upgrading Jojo

If you are looking to upgrade the Jojo Alpha to the Beta, we have additional information on this.

One of the more complicated aspects of software development is keeping existing installations up to date.

Jojo has been almost completely rewritten recently, and this has caused many headaches upgrading existing websites.
We are pleased to say that those days are almost gone, and our upgrade process is considerably smoother and less manual than it once was.

Upgrade the core

All Jojo core files can be kept in a single folder, and there is usually no need to mix your own custom files with the Jojo core files. This means that at upgrade time, the Jojo folder can be replaced with the new version.

Run setup

After replacing the old Jojo files with the new, the next step is to run the setup script for each website running of your Jojo install, which is done by visiting www.domain.com/setup/

This will run through the database and make the SQL changes as required. Any changes that need to be done manually will usually be reported here, and a small amount of manual tweaking may be required at this point. After running the setup script, test the website and any custom features thoroughly.


Simple websites usually have very few issues after an upgrade, however complicated websites with custom plugins do need to be tested properly. While Jojo is Alpha, we have been changing core functionality and removing old code as better alternatives are available. We expect the plugin API to be much less prone to change from the beta version onwards. Or at least any changes will be documented well.