What makes us different

We are well aware that there are many open source CMS systems to choose from today. We do not seek to create another generic CMS that is the same as other products.

Jojo CMS is not the easiest CMS to use, it's probably not the prettiest, and it does not have the huge community support of the bigger systems.

Jojo does have some features that others don't. Important features. Great features.

Search engine friendly, out of the box, no questions asked

Our key selling point is that it's search engine friendly out of the box. You won't find any duplicate content, sitewide meta descriptions, tables based HTML, frames, homepage redirects, missing H1 headings, poorly formed titles, or ugly URLs in this CMS. We will wager that we understand on-page SEO better than most CMS developers, and Jojo is one of few CMSs that have great SEO features in the standard install.
There will be no "must have SEO plugins" for this CMS. If such a thing is created, it will quickly become part of the core code so everyone can enjoy good rankings.
Of course, to get good rankings requires much more than a good CMS. You also need optimized text content, and quality inbound links. But you can rest assured that there are no technical limitations put up by your CMS platform here.


A lot goes into making any website fast. The last thing you need is your CMS introducing extra overhead that you don't need. Speed issues can come along at many points. The key offenders are...
  • Slow database queries and too many of them
  • Slow CSS and too much Javascript
  • Bloated HTML

Jojo caches content extensively, and our smart plugin API makes it easy to get your custom mods incorporated into this caching system. All CSS, Javascript and HTML is gzipped automatically, and CSS / JS files are compressed by removing whitespace and optimizing the code.

On top of that, all plugins use attached JS and CSS files extensively, and our standards compliant code is lean and mean. We can't vouch for user-made plugins, but we encourage plugin developers to take pride in their code so that everyone can enjoy fast and maintainable websites.