Downloads of Jojo CMS  tagged releases are on GitHub - full standalone zip archives are available as well as tags for Git users.

Latest release

Jojo CMS 4.4 - Bootstrap 3

v4.4.1 released 15 December 2017

Recommended for new installs. Upgrades will need template adjustments. Requires php5.3+, php7.1 safe


  • Refreshed Admin design
  • New 'Searchable Tree' admin menu type
  • Tree menu drag&drop functionality restored
  • Removes old files and more built-in non-structural css
  • Converts most base templates to use Bootstrap for default styling
  • Updates defaults to more contemporary settings (jQuery 1.9 etc)
  • Updated submodule libraries 
  • Centralised email template for HTML emails
  • Email attachment handling for simpleMail
  • Robots update to allow asset crawling (as per current Google recommendations)
  • Google ReCaptcha captcha option
  • improved Analytics tracking for forms
  • Replaces the database-based content cache with a file-based system
  • Fixes content cache + new css failure bug.
  • Optional 404 logging and lowered resource use. 
  • Improved comment handling to deter bots and lower their resource hit.
  • Separate handlers for emptying cache by page / js / css / everything (incl. images)
  • Cache for RSS to reduce scraper bot resource hit

Site Upgrades

This release has quite a few major changes and upgrading should be approached with care. For most sites it shouldn't require too much adjustment but it will almost certainly require some. 

More css has been removed from the core plugins and replaced with Bootstrap 3 compatible layouts instead. You may need to either enable Bootstrap CSS options to use the new default layouts, or add your own css to replace any defaults that have been removed.

Upgrading from sites on 1.2 or 1.3 that used Bootstrap grid system layouts will require some template adjustments - Bootstrap has a migration guide here.

Bootstrap 3 is 'mobile-first', meaning mobile is the default and all other screen sizes require media queries (if you are using the Grid system). The 'responsive' option is now gone as this change means any site using the grid system will be responsive. 

jQuery 1.9 may break some older plugins relying on old javascript. The jojo_cart Transaction Report  details pop-up script for example. 

The _getNav function deprecated in 1.3 is now gone and should be replaced with Jojo::getNav in any theme globals that still call it. 

The Util:: class is gone as part of the Horde update so old plugins that call it will break. In almost all cases it can be replaced with Jojo:: without issues. 

New sites

New site setups should have no issues with the new release. By default, more Bootstrap options may be enabled than you end up requiring for your site, so could be disabled to decrease overhead. 

Jojo Upgrades 

There's a bit of a screw-up with one of the submodules - the lessphp version used for 1.3 has been replaced by a new one but because the name stayed the same, it seems to confuse git when running the submodule update. Consequently, for git users, It is recommended to install this release as a fresh clone, and then run submodule init and submodule update, rather than just pulling the new tag. Or just download and unpack one of the zip archives.

Previous release

Jojo CMS 1.3 - Bootstrap admin, more Less

v1.3.4 released 10 April 2014

Upgrades from 1.2 may need minor css tweaks but not as much as 1.4.


  • Converts the admin area to Bootstrap for forms, alerts, icons, tables, buttons, etc
  • Always uses Less css parsing (front and back)
  • Removes old themes, old files, and a lot of the built-in non-structural css
  • Converts base templates for articles, search and tags to use Bootstrap Media and Pagination markup
  • Universal Google Analytics option
  • Image Filter support


This release removes large amounts of css from the core plugins so upgrading should be approached with care but shouldn't cause any structure/logic issues for 1.2 releases. It should be quite stable for new installs.

Updating from earlier releases will definitely require running setup, and checking any custom plugin templates (Jojo_contact.tpl especially) against the updated versions to ensure compatibility. Articles, search and tags may also require either restyling or enabling the Bootstrap Media and Pagination options

Previous releases

Previous releases of Jojo are available.