Support Options

We offer several support options for Jojo CMS.

Firstly, we are working hard to create a great product, and want to work towards implementing all features that we think will make the system better. We are open to suggestions.


Your first stop for support should be the documentation. We realise this is a little light on content right now, but we are busy busy trying to resolve that. The purpose of the documentation is to provide a clear answer for the regular things users might want to do with Jojo, and howto guides for common actions such as installation and upgrading.


If you are having problems with Jojo not covered in the documentation, or require general assistance, your next stop should be the forums. Our staff will monitor the forums for user queries (we see new posts appear on our RSS feed) and respond where we can help.
Please provide as much information as you can when posting messages in the forums, and please be courteous - we volunteer our time, and so do other members.

Email support

We prefer not to answer one-off support emails, as the forums are a place where the knowledge can be shared with other users (and we don't keep answering the same questions).

That said, we will respond to all emails. Email details are on the contact page.


This software is still not at the full release stage, and it does contain bugs, though mostly minor ones.
We track bugs and feature requests via our bug tracking system. Feel free to create an account and add requests to this system.

Installation Support

For a small fee, we can install Jojo on your server, either as a multisite install or singlesite install. You will need to provide us with the appropriate access details to your server so we can do this work.
This is done for a flat fee of US$50, payable via Paypal. If we cannot get Jojo working on your server due to a system incompatibility, we will refund the fee (of course we won't even try to install if your server does not meet the minimum requirements).
The installation fee covers installation of the core CMS, any plugins shipped with Jojo that you would like installed and a Theme you have supplied. This does not include creating a new theme or website from scratch, just the installation.

Paid Support

Paid support means we will respond faster and give direct attention to solving your problem. Our standard rate is US$80 per hour, but we also have clients on monthly support contracts.
With paid support, you can expect the following...
  • Faster response times.
  • Core developers available via instant messaging (MSN or Skype).
  • Phone support.
  • Support available after hours (we are geeks - we are usually online and logged in).

If you are interested in a support contract of business-level support, please contact us so we can arrange a package and a price.