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21 May 2008
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Hello I am very new to all of this.How do i add tags to ensure that my company and name gets seen on the first pages of google please?

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21 May 2008
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I posted some tips on my blog about this, http://www.ragepank.com/articles/optimize-tags/

The concept is that you tag your content with tags that are appropriate. But you choose tags that make good search phrases as well. Jojo will create a tags page that is reasonably well optimised by default, but we encourage you to customize your tags pages further with a little unique content.

My page on slow cooker recipes ranks well on Google NZ because the tags page is optimised by default, and I have added some unique text at the top of the page.

25 Jun 2008
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Hi Harvey this is VJ. Im finding a way to do SEO faster. It takes a while to get the right search phrases in google adwords. Would you happen to know some techniques cause it always puts in irrelevant word suggestions. Thanks Harvey for teaching me JoJo last time.

17 Feb 2011
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Hi,thanks for sharing the information regarding to tags.I'm beginner in seo feild so your information is very useful for me.Thanks a lot again for sharing the information here....

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