Where are the other plugins?

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26 Jun 2008
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I'm just checking out JoJo - have been a Mambo/Joomla user until now but am looking for something cleaner and am so far pleased with what I see.

The Themes & Plugins Overview page on your website (http://www.jojocms.org/docs/themes-plugins-overview/) lists a bunch of available plugins that do not appear in the plugin download page.

Plugins such as the SMS one (using Clickatell), the Flash slideshow and Gallery2 would be quite useful.

Could someone please point me to where I can find these extra plugins the site refers to?


Core Developer


26 Jun 2008
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Hi, welcome.

On the download page there is a plugin pack, which has basically all the plugins made by the authors (the public ones).

Some of the plugins are no longer available for various reasons.

- The Clickatell SMS plugin is no longer maintained because I had some serious delivery issues with sending messages to Telecom NZ mobiles that they weren't able to resolve. I needed a resolution, so I ended up switching to TNZ instead.
- Gallery2 has been replaced by Gallery3, but it does still work (just there won't be any more updates for it).

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