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4 Sep 2008
Posts: 43

What is the best way to do an upgrade or a migration, which files do i need to replace and what changes do I need to do the database?

Jaijaz Jaijaz

5 Sep 2008
Posts: 215

As long as your version isn't too old (the alpha version for example), after doing a backup of your data upgrade is quite easy.

I typically rename my current version and put the complete new version. Once you have done that just go to you website with the address:


This will run the install scripts and make any changes to the database that are needed.

Then just test the site and check if anything is broken.

These links to the blog talk about any specific things that may have series impact.


Hope that helps.
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8 Sep 2008
Posts: 43

I'm really wanting a guide on doing a migration from one system to another where the base directories and the hosts are different.

I normally copy the db from one environment to the other. then change the config.php and run setup.

But I get Fatal error: Jojo::require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required errors which refer to a file from the old uri location.

So trying to work out where this is set, as error occurs on line 2488 og the Jojo.php in the Jojo_core_plugin.

public static function autoload($classname)
if (strpos(strtolower($classname), 'jojo_plugin_') === 0) {
/* Is a plugin class, get filename */
$filename = str_replace('jojo_plugin_', '', strtolower($classname)) . '.php';

/* Search for the file and include it if we find it */
$pluginFiles = Jojo::listPlugins($filename);
foreach($pluginFiles as $file) {


8 Sep 2008
Posts: 43

I found the culprit, there is a file listPlugins.txt under mysite\cache which gets generated when there is an install or setup. This uses the config file created from the install.
To recreate it just delete and run setup and this will re-create or the serialised plugin location uri's from the updated config file.


Core Developer


9 Sep 2008
Posts: 327

We cache the list of all files within all plugins in the file you mention - this saves doing lots of fiel_exists() calls throughout the main execution.

These files should be cleared as part of the setup process, but it's possible that's a feature that has only gone into the dev version recently.

As you mention, deleting the listPlugins.txt from the cache folder also achieves the same purpose.
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