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13 Sep 2008
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I've set a html template that I want my email messages to be formatted in. I have assigned the form fields array in contacts plugin to a smarty template variable however I noticed when I tried to make changes to the old template that old one was still displaying even though I changed the name of the template and the fetch template name accordingly.

In contact plugin class i have the following;

class Jojo_Plugin_Jojo_contact extends Jojo_Plugin

function sendEnquiry()

$smarty->assign('efields', $fields);
$message = $smarty->fetch('jojo_email.tpl');

mail(_WEBMASTERADDRESS, $subject, $message, $headers);

The fields array has been populated correctly, but I'm having trouble assign the template vars

in my template I have
section name=f loop=$efields}
<td width="40%">{$efields[f].display}:</td>

But these are not being populated. When I try to debug the template the old one seems to stay cached. regardless of ctrl-f5 & deletion of smarty cache.

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18 Sep 2008
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Have a look in mysite/cache/smarty/templates_c/

Delete everything in here. You shouldn't need to do this under normal circumstances, but sometimes the timestamps on the templates get mixed up and Smarty uses the compiled template.

Sorry for the slow response, we are all on holiday. Back properly in about a week.
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