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Epsom, New Zealand

9 Oct 2008
Posts: 6

A little under a year ago I briefly tried an alpha version of Jojo CMS. Today I tried out the 1.0rc1 version & I'm impressed at how much it's improved. I started out building a demo site and decided after a few hours to stop my testing and simply bring it live. As I'd created a number of dummy pages containing rubbish I abandoned that set-up and simply re-implemented. It's a credit to the simplicity of setting up Jojo that throwing away a test implementation and re-starting is an easy option.

Although I haven't tried all of the core system & very few of the standard plug-in modules I've found a very few trivial problems with it, and most of them were in one of the three sample themes ... unfortunately it was the one that looked closest to the look I wanted for my site. Only one of these problems affected data display and that was fixed with a 1 line change. The others are trivial and mostly affect W3C validation as valid XHTML and valid CSS. These problems aren't in the Jojo code, just in an optional theme (template). Finally there are a few plug-ins that lack a description line.

I'm going to implement a couple more simple sites in the next few days & can be counted in as a happy Jojo user. Thanks for doing such a good job on this product.

I have a few very trivial problems to report & a few "best practice" style questions.




Description of "Full Article RSS Description" (article_full_rss_description) in the config page is garbled: the snip tag needs to have the square brackets escaped in the database, otherwise the name of the tag you need to use doesn't show. I've checked other fields in the database & this is the only one with square brackets in this field.

Some of the standard plug-ins lack the description.txt file:
clickatell - Clickatell SMS messaging interface
jojo_html2bbcode - (Has a default one)
jojo_newsletter_phplist - has empty one

Obviously Clickatell and weather's purpose are easy to guess

The ChurchSite2 sample theme has a few problems:
1. The CSS fails validation as it has "font-face: arial, verdana;" instead of "font-family: arial, verdana;" on line 331

2. (Already reported under templates) It doesn't doesn't show a snippet from the articles, just a link to the article.

Fortunately it's easy to fix. In the file article-summary.tpl, locate '{$a.text|truncate:100:"..."}' (currently on line 7) and change it to '{$a.bodyplain|truncate:100:"..."}'

3. The template has a number of validation problems, mostly unclosed tags and repetition of id= attributes in "div" tags, with one occurrence of an alt="" attribute in an "a" tag. I'm happy to fix these & upload a replacement, but can someone who knows their way around modern CSSised html advise if there's any technical reason why the id= attributes can't be replaced with class= and the alt= attribute simply dropped?


What's jojo_php51 plug-in for? Is it just version 5.1, versions 5.1 & below, or versions 5.1 & above? In my case I have php version 5.2.6 should I install it?

Best Practice:

In a multi-site install each site needs its own "my site" directory. I'm naming mine the same as the domain name in a directory called domains that's at the same level in the hierarchy as the jojo software.

Clarifying that, I have a directory called jojo structured as:
jojo/ = parent
jojo/jojo-current = the result of unzipping the jojo core & standard plugin files I downloaded from here
jojo/domains/ = my site for
jojo/domain/ = my site for

Is there any down-side to this kind of arrangement?

What's best practice on adding my own themes? Should I place them in the JoJo themes directory or should I have them outside this structure and point to their real home via a symbolic link? I see the trade-offs as being ease of upgrades vs performance.

Suggested change

In the sample templates, there is a copyright date in the footer of 2006. If this is the copyright of the template it should be made clear that this is the copyright date of the template, not the site, otherwise it should be updated by the site owner and a comment to that effect would help. It would be good if it were pulled from a database field.
Bruce Clement

Core Developer


13 Oct 2008
Posts: 327

Thanks Bruce, good feedback, and will be taken on board.

To answer your questions...

The PHP5.1 plugin is for servers running PHP 5.1 (The Jojo minimum requirement is 5.2). Basically the only thing we need 5.2 for is the json_encode function, so this plugin adds a manual version of that.

Yes, your proposed site structure looks good. There will also be a public_html folder for each site, which contains the index.php, config.php and .htaccess files - these are unique to each site.

Themes can go into the main jojo/themes/ folder - this way they can be shared between all sites using that Jojo install. Otherwise, you place the themes in mysite/themes/ where the theme is available to just that website. Personally, I never recycle themes, so this is how I structure things. But I like most of my plugins to be shared, so will place them in the main Jojo/plugins/ folder - just remember to restore them when you upgrade the core.



Epsom, New Zealand

19 Oct 2008
Posts: 6

Hi Harvey,

Thanks for the reply.

I hadn't realised that I could have themes on a per-site basis & can see the advantage. Especially as I was tending to name the themes for the site anyway.

Even though I'll be basically copying the same themes over & over I'll be changing the graphics so they'll need to be unique.

Bruce Clement
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