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5 Dec 2008
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Hey Guys,

Just been working on a few plugins and i thought some people might be interested in getting their hands on them.

First one is a simple poll. Poll question managed through the admin section and limits votes via IP address. Shows results if the vote has been cast. Can be a page or included in the sidebar using {{poll}}.

Next up is a Business Directory with categories and integrated with search and sitemap. Going to use it also as the basis for a free classifieds plugin too.

A Custom Contact form builder. Uses the database to store fields and forms that are then used to build forms and lets you have a few contact forms.

And I think the last one I have for now is a news ticker that uses categories. Use is {{ticker: 1}} and it displays the ticker. Uses jquery.

Happy to upload these somewhere or send them on.. a few still have some stickytape coding in them, but I'll be tidying that up over the next few days hopefully.




5 Dec 2008
Posts: 60

I would be interested in a couple of these. If they don't get included in the source from the site, could you email them or let me know where to download from?
caleb (at) lynchpindesign.com

I also have a handful of plugins that I think others could benefit from but aren't quite ready...still testing a few things.

31 Mar 2009
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okay.. so I may have disapeared for a while.

Attached are 3 plugins I've put together and used. While I haven't included all the mysql info for the plugins - if you have a look you should be able to figure out whats needed pretty easily (if not, give me a buzz and I'l ldig something up.)

The poll is a simple poll that uses IP addresses to check if someone has voted. Can be used in a sidebar or have a page all by its self!

The ticker is a small jquery box that can rotate news articles etc. Can use different ones on different pages.

The contact form one expands on the contact forms and allows the admin to select what fields they want to collect in the form. Able to have multiple forms on one site.

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