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Core Developer


8 Mar 2009
Posts: 327

Some of you may have noticed I haven't been lurking these parts lately.

I have actually just moved the family from New Zealand to Ireland, and this has been taking up most of my time / cash the past couple of months - things like Jojo haven't really been getting the attention needed from me lately.

I'm more-or-less settled now, so I'll be lurking the forums more regularly now, and will be making some changes to the community features of Jojo for a site I'm currently developing. Expect to see more improvements regarding user profile management, privacy options, and forum features in the next month.

I may also release a couple of bible plugins that I have been working on - I know a number of users are running Jojo on their church website, so these might be a handy addition.


Rick Rick

9 Mar 2009
Posts: 336

Welcome back... I'm glad to hear you've gotten settled alright, it sounds like a pretty big move.

9 Mar 2009
Posts: 60

Good to have you back!
Looking forward to the mentioned updates.
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