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10 Mar 2009
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I've tried to setup jojo on my webhosting. It's an early attempt just to see how it works, so I didn't care much about security and placed all folders within public_html. There I've made the folders:
/jojobase/ - base files
/jojo/ - index.php + .htaccess
/users/admin/ - directory where MySite is supposed to be <- this is empty as I've no idea what to put in there, I found no instructions about it.

Then I went on with the installation, all went smoothly till I went to the page where I had to enter database information and folders locations. I filled everything correctly (if MySite was wrongly filled the script said there was an error), but when I click next I get an empty page instead of the page to save the config. I tried many times and I have no idea what to do. Can you advise something?

Another problem I've got is translation. I don't see any language folders where I could put it up. Should I just manually translate all the core files?

Another question I have is about security. I use cms multisite to provide sort of a web hosting - users create accounts and receive a ready-to-go website. Unfortunately my old cms allows php code and I have to face hackers so I decided to change it to jojo. I have to be sure, that if someone uses a html editor, and puts up some code between <? and ?>, the code won't be executed.

Lastly, is there any advanced wysiwyg editor for jojo? So that you wouldn't need any bbcode or html to create a website?

Thanks in advance.

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11 Mar 2009
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Hi there,

Folder locations need to be absolute. It sounds like you have the jojobase folder correct (this can be kept anywhere).

The www or webdir should be /path/to/public_html or if you want to run Jojo in a subfolder, /path/to/public_html/jojo

Mysite can also be /path/to/public_html or /path/to/public_html/mysite or whatever. If you give the web server write permissions to the mysite folder (you can remove this later on) then Jojo will create the folders needed under mysite. Otherwise create subfolders called cache, downloads, plugins, themes and "chmod 755" the cache and downloads.

Then run the install process. You may need to restart the browser to clear the session data if the previous install has bad data in there.

I don't have much to do with the translation side of things, so I'll leave that part for others to comment on. Jojo doesn't yet have any facility for translating the admin area, all multilingual features are aimed towards what the visitor sees, not what the admin sees.

Jojo does not parse PHP code within the HTML data entry areas. Any PHP code entered here will be echoed to the screen rather than executed.

Jojo uses the XINHA editor - there is a 'launch editor' button next to the HTML editor which launches this in a popup. It's not the quickest to load, which is one reason why we don't have it loaded by default.




11 Mar 2009
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there is no translation for the admin at present - there is a plugin, jojo_translate, which I've used to allow admins to translate templated text (so they don't need to know any html) on the public side. uses it, but have only entered translations for the spanish version, to translate bits of text hardcoded into the templates like 'search' and 'read more'

in theory the same could be applied to the admin section, but the overhead of running a regex on every page on every load to check for text marked up with text would probably be too high.

what i'd prefer to do is make it a community project, set up a version of Jojo with everything marked up and get people to sign up to translate it into their languages. then use that data to build an option into the install process to do the translation as a once off. Plugins would need to be set up the same way too.

Quite when i'll be doing that though is another question.. :p

As for Xinha, it is slow to load the first time - there's quite a lot of javascript to cache - but after that, it's fine, particularly in a decent browser like Safari 4 or Chrome. Hardly any of our clients know any HTML or BBCode and seem to cope OK.
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