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5 Apr 2009
Posts: 60

I encountered one problem in an update to the head.tpl file.
Revision 2465 (dont include customhead.tpl)
I have a plugin with a function.js file that references an included jQuery plugin file in the customhead, so in the admin section it is trying to find a function that is not included.
Should I set that up differently, or should there be a check to not include the site's function.js?

Core Developer


5 Apr 2009
Posts: 327

It sounds like we need to change the core to add a customhead_admin.tpl hook into the head.

I'll include this in the core shortly, but for now you can add the hook yourself into head.tpl - (copy-paste any code referencing customhead.tpl in either head.tpl or includes/jojo.php

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