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12 Apr 2009
Posts: 44

the reasonable use of jojocms is to use one hosting to host multiple sites/domains.

so... i think there should be a way limiting each sites/domains so that not using too much resources that will cause other sites unresponsive.

at least, a bandwidth limiter? limiting max bw each site use for a month.
if possible, connection limiter to limit max concurrent connection per domain.
also too great if there's cpu limiter to limits max cpu usage per domain.

any of these possible?
tnx for great free jojocms

Core Developer


12 Apr 2009
Posts: 327

This sort of thing is usually available within hosting control panels. Bandwidth counters / limiters are fairly common these days, but CPU limiters are a bit harder to find. Dreamhost monitors how much CPU each site uses, but I read somewhere they needed to run PHP in CGI mode in order to be able to do this.

It would be a pretty unusual feature to have within a PHP script such as Jojo, and while this would be handy, probably not something we are looking at implementing.

12 Apr 2009
Posts: 14

well i didntknow what to add, so run setup from includes, enetered my masterpassword, and i got this , so its says what to do... guys, arent u geniouses?
Executing plugin code
Jojo will now scan through each plugin and look for changes that have been made to the database structure. If changes need to be made, the option to "fix" will be available, and in most cases we recommend you do this.

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SQL: ALTER TABLE product CHANGE `price` `price` DECIMAL(10,2) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';

Table product column quantity_fixed exists but is different to expected - resolve this manually.
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SQL: ALTER TABLE product CHANGE `quantity_fixed` `quantity_fixed` ENUM('yes','no') NOT NULL DEFAULT 'no';

but i couldnot find these tables in api or wherever... anywhere and in jojo_cart_product there are some info, but looks different...
Rick Rick

13 Apr 2009
Posts: 336

In regards to the concurrent connections limiter... all browsers have their own limit, and since it's fairly low many sites find ways to raise it up. Eg (resource domains).

14 Apr 2009
Posts: 44

usually the hosting control panel (take cpanel for example) only control per hosting account.

so, it limits everything under one hosting account.
and if that single one hosting account is used to host multiple sites/domain,
(using addon domain or parked domain in cpanel)
then, cpanel canNot control the limit each sites/domain is using.

that's why i think jojocms should do this...
tnx for great free jojocms

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15 Apr 2009
Posts: 67

PHP should not be doing resource limiting. Most webservers (Apache, Lighttpd, nginx etc) have plugins for limiting bandwidth (mod_bandwidth, connection.kbytes-per-second, limit_rate respectively).

Implementing any resource limiting in PHP would not be the correct place to do it. PHP doesn't have the necessary OS hooks to get accurate information to do any limiting and in some cases it can not control what it needs to to implement the limits.

- Mike
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