textile vs markdown vs bbcode

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26 Apr 2009
Posts: 44

i find bbcode a little limited. many things not doable with bbcode. like positioning images, etc.
i think textile got more complete syntax.

what do you think...
tnx for great free jojocms



26 Apr 2009
Posts: 379

Jojo also has Xinha for a wysiwyg editor, which may do more of what you want. Either change the 'Editor Format' (in Edit Page) to HTML instead of bbcode, or change the option under Options > Editor to wysiwyg.

Xinha has some problems too, and we are looking at putting in other options (like TinyMCE), but this is not likely to happen soon.

Mike has been looking at Markdown as an option too, but this too is probably not going to appear before the next release.

Core Developer


28 Apr 2009
Posts: 327

Yeah, there is no 'perfect' editing solution. The WYSIWYGs make a dog's breakfast of your HTML code and the BBCode is limited and isn't very 'client friendly'.

The MarkItUp component we use supports Html, BBcode, Textile, Wiki Syntax, and Markdown, but we have only implemented the first 2.

It would be easy enough to enable to front-end editor, would just need to find and install a back-end parser for whatever formats we are enabling. If someone is willing to contribute, I can give an overview of what is required, but I have other priorities for the next couple of months so aren't able to develop this myself.
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