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19 May 2009
Posts: 44

say i do multisite install with single config and single db like this:

how do i manage to de/activate plugins or re/set global options for all sites?

maybe write something similar to setup.php?
so that i can run something like http://website/setup-step2 and then all plugins and options are setup as i like....
or other/better ways?

i'm very novice in php. maybe some example code how this done?
example, a script to remove the test article, activate gzip and cache and google hosted js, install and configure jojo-credit, uninstall jojo-tag etc... etc...

tnx for great free jojocms

30 Jul 2009
Posts: 35

hello denny i think so its viable run a sql script with your defaults values. Then after your tests is possible you put this default config script on setup-default.php or something like that and run... later delete this file because if you dont config permissions is a high possibility whole risk.
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