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21 May 2009
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it's good that jojo do not search single 3 letters word.

but if we search multiple words, it's important to search for all the words.

example: try search '404 error not found'.
it only search for error and found.
which return bad, unrelated result.

also, it might be great if we can search for phrase.
example: 'not found' is best if search as single phrase rather than separated words.

maybe let us quote multiple words as single phrase like google do.

tnx for great free jojocms



21 May 2009
Posts: 379

The three letter limit is a part of mySQL afaik - so not something we can alter in Jojo directly. Search does have a dropdown option for 'any', 'all' and 'exact' though -it's not shown on the main Jojo template but you can see it on the search page :

'all' and 'exact' are boolean searches: 'exact' searches for "search terms", 'all' searches for +search +terms.

I thought about allowing the user to enter the boolean qualifiers themselves, but not enough people are familiar with them to make it actually useful apart from a small number of nerdy people like us, who are not the target market for most of the sites we build

Core Developer


21 May 2009
Posts: 327

Google have a fair bit more experience with search than we do (understatement), so don't be afraid to ignore Jojo's search functionality and implement a Google search instead. MSN also has a fairly nice API that is quick and easy to setup.

The disadvantage of using these external searches is that they only list pages that are indexed by Google / MSN. In other words sites that change regularly or brand new sites that don't get spidered often will often show stale search results.

The 3 letter limit in MySQL is annoying, but it's there for good reason. You can override this behaviour if you have control of your own server, I recall there being an option to use when you compile MySQL. I have never bothered.
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