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Rick Rick

4 Jun 2009
Posts: 336

Hi guys, I've got a couple of questions about releasing plugins. These may seem like stupid quesions, but I'm new to this as this is my first real contribution back into a project...

Do we just throw them up here in the forum?

Is the 'jojo_' prefix only for official Jojo plugins and user submitted ones are labelled different?

What about the file headers? Do we leave the @link pointing to or the developers website, or put two @link lines in there?

Core Developer


5 Jun 2009
Posts: 327

Hi Rick,

Some questions are stupid questions, but not these ones.

Yes, you can upload the plugin to the forums, but probably better if you send them to us and we can add them to the SVN.

The jojo_ prefix is for plugins that are supported by the Jojo team - please prefix your plugin with something else (or don't prefix at all).

You will be the copyright holder of your plugin code, so the link and header comments should point to your site. Obviously it makes sense to include the fact that the plugin is made for Jojo CMS and include a link to that somewhere in the comments or notes.




9 Jun 2009
Posts: 379

You can also add plugins to the plugin download page at
or at least that's the theory..

you have to be registered and logged in to access it
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