any problems with 2 completel full installs on same server

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rockstar rockstar

17 Sep 2007
Posts: 27

Hay all and Harvey too. I just wanted to practice installing jojo so I just added another complete install with a seperate database in the same locations, but different folders like /jojo/ and /jojo2/ etc

debug mode is disabled but things are not working and the jojo2 install is incredibley slow in the backend--kind of like a pain in the ass hehe..

I also have no editor at all, not bb or xinha. nada..

I was wondering if that patch[with the 3 files] that goes in the externals was supposed to be done AFTER the install of jojo. I applied the patch before installing--It installed ok thoogh?

I get no errors pages or warnings.I also cannot change themes or add plugins.and every browser seems to be searching for something when I try to go into admin and navagate in there.

something is very "you know what"in the admin

The original install works fine though...

I had a little/big problem uploading it to the sight[time out and disconnects] so I could be missing some files.

On a side note I really miss this jojo thing. Man it is nice --and simple compared to others.even ones that are supposed to be simple--and I need simple...

I worry about the templating/themes a lot though. I want to be able to make it look exactly as I want and I don't know if that is in the cards.

I may need to get another host the ftp is bad, but just for me--of course.

JoJo works with php 4 or 5 right....

I don't much care about the second install but it bothers me that it does not work.


Core Developer


18 Sep 2007
Posts: 327

Hi Rockstar,

The patch for Aplha2 can be applied before or after installing - it shouldn't matter but the admin section will look whack until you do install it.

If there is the chance that your FTP client missed some files in the upload, then I'd definitely start here in terms of eliminating the problem. A multi-site install is basically the same as a single-site install, just with the main /jojo/ folder shared. In other words, if it works ok for one site, it should work as a multisite easy enough.

We have been suggesting people use one of the latest dev versions of Jojo from which we will be making into Alpha3 shortly. A lot of bug fixes and added functionality. I'm not giving a date for release, but it's just a few editor issues holding us up.

Yes, Jojo works on PHP4 or 5 - the minimum is 4.3 but we discontinue PHP4 support in February 2008.

In terms of templating/themes, we have always been able to implement whatever designs we want - and our designers have come up with some fairly challenging stuff. I'm pretty certain there is all the flexibility to do whatever you need with the themes, but just ask if you need help with something specific.


rockstar rockstar

18 Sep 2007
Posts: 27

Will do the latest dev version tonight.Glad to hear the next release is only around the corner--so to speak.I can't imagine the work involved...

Thanks for the help.
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