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4 Sep 2009
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Just how possible is it to rank high on Google with a JojoCMS website and lots of work with linking?

DriveNZ is ranking very well for the New Zealand Car Rental and New Zealand Car Hire phrases, including Auckland Car Rental and Christchurch Car Rental.

The site is standard Jojo install with a custom plugin for the specific car pages. It was easier for data entry to have standard backend admin for various data entry points, and for listing of the cars on the home page.

The site makes use of the gallery, testimonials and youtube plugins among others. It has been interesting seeing the Youtube videos rank well on Google for their search phrases with linking to them from a number of websites. Including the YouTube video onto your website is not a link, it needs normal New Zealand Car Rental type text links to get it ranking high. And it suffers from the same issue of dropping in rankings when others copy its content.

The site has recently had a visual facelift with a new template, and the templating system of Jojo made the changeover easy.

All the best DriveNZ.
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