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17 Oct 2009
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Hey guys,
I was looking for a very lightweight CMS to build on that allows me the flexibility to develop each page as I want, but offer the framework of a CMS to control and easily manage the content.

I began by writing my own, but it made better sense to find one someone else has already written and that's when I found Jojo.

Upon installing it on Ubuntu 9.04 Apache 2.2 server, I was following the video and can't get past the define base directory. Here's what I've got:

in my www folder, I created a folder called jojoroot and copied all of the files from the extracted archive to it, including the folders.

In www, I then created another folder called jojo and copied the index.php file to it, then opened it in my browser . . http://localhost/jojo/index.php. I created the .htaccess file by copy/paste the code, then reloaded the page to where it tells me to specify the base directory, which it auto-detected correctly. /var/www/jojoroot .
The next screen gives me a Not Found . . The requested URL /jojo/install was not found on this server.

I re-checked the tutorial and I've done exactly what it's said to do. Any ideas?
Jaijaz Jaijaz

17 Oct 2009
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Hey, just to cover off the simple stuff first, there isn't a jojo folder inside the jojoroot folder? I'll assume not but I have seen it done by accident before.

Did you have to type in index.php to get it to start or did http://localhost/jojo work? Once a long time and many builds of Jojo ago, testing on a local host I had issues with the index.php file getting included in the path and messing with the URL rewrites that Jojo cleverly does. It may be worth trying to delete the htaccess file and just navigating to http://localhost/jojo to see if that helps.

Other than that I am going to guess at permissions or access issues but I'm not that familar with Linux in that way, I'm sorry.
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17 Oct 2009
Posts: 2

Hey Jaijaz,
I tried what you suggested and it still didn't work. I've created a video showing my exact installation process, which can be found at:

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