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subvert subvert

1 Oct 2007
Posts: 11

Hey Guys,

I have a problem where none of the changes I make to the CSS file show in the browser.

Someone it suggested it could've been the files in the smarty/template_c folder. I deleted all those - didn't fix the problem.

Another suggestion was that the plugins were overriding the CSS.

How would I go about stopping the plugins from doing this?


Core Developer


2 Oct 2007
Posts: 327

Hi Josh,

CSS in Jojo is a little different to most CMS systems, but it makes plugin development nice and easy.

Jojo assembles all CSS from all plugins / themes into a single file called css/styles.css

Firstly, make sure you are seeing the proper stylesheet. Clearing the smarty cache is unlikely to help, but pressing CTRL-F5 will regenerate th CSS and clear your browser cache. Next, inspect the element you are trying to style using Firebug (Firefox extension, you do have this, right?). See if your style is in the list of styles on that element.

There is no recommended way of removing css from a plugin - The unrecommended way is to delete the plugin's CSS file, but remember it will come back when you upgrade Jojo.

Instead, we recommend you override the style you are having trouble, keeping in mind how CSS works...

1. The most specific CSS style will be what sticks. So if you have a style for "h3" and another for "#content h3" then the second will apply because it is more specific. "ul li a" styles will apply to links in a list in preference to the general "a" styles that may have been defined.

2. Unless the previous rule applies, the style applied last will stick. Jojo delivers the css from the jojo_core plugin first, then all the other plugins, then from your theme. Therefore if you place the CSS you want to use in a theme, then you can guarantee it will come last in the main stylesheet.

So, I would suggest placing your styles in the theme css file, and being as specific as you can about how to apply your styles.

The "inspect" option in Firebug is invaluable in finding styles that are being cancelled out by another style.
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