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22 Nov 2009
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So I'm trying to find installation help, and I see there are quite a few users who are having installation problems.

For one... if it doesn't exist, I would absolutely love to create the installation documentation if you haven't already done so. I want to test jojo out, but I can't given the conflicting documentation.

Another thing... I'd like it if we could discuss setting up a jojo based environment for GoGrid ( which is a cloud dedicated server company. I currently use two servers there which are load balanced (for free) and I have central cifs storage on the back end so the content remains the same. combined with a central db back-end I'm good and set to have a web server fail and no one know the difference.

If I could get some installation documentation or help that would be appreciated.

Directory structure of archive:

So... where do these things go so I can get this off the ground?
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