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9 Dec 2009
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I'm tyring to install jojo cms its pretty straight foward but have got as far as entering the database details and file locations but once I click 'next' rather than showing a screen with input code for the config file I get just the page header and a blank screen.

Any help appreciated.




10 Dec 2009
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hmm. i'm guessing this is the RC2 release? it's got some .. issues which we didn't pick up until after release, but which have hopefully been fixed in the 1.0 branch copy..

.. which will be used for the RC3 release, due in the next week or so, depending on feedback from those using it, which doesn't include me (Mike and I are working on 2 now)

so.. if the fixes here and here don't work, you can

1. download Charles (which I'd do in any case, because it's an invaluable tool for debugging), and use it to try and find out what's going on in the background that it's getting hung up on - post anything error-ish here and we''l try to debug it for you.

2. use svn to get the current 1.0 branch copy from and try that instead.
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